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How to Help a Friend Whose Mom Has Cancer

Our friend’s mom was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her brain. These tips on how to help a friend whose mom has cancer are from him, and from an interesting news article I found.

Learn to Play the Flute Without Paying for Lessons

Here’s how I learned to play the flute without music lessons – I’m a self-taught flutist (flute player), and I’m the first to admit how frustrated and annoyed I get when I’m trying to learn new songs on the flute.

3 Ways to Leave Relationship Abuse Behind

These ways to leave relationship abuse behind are for women in toxic, addictive relationships. They may know they’re not living their best life…but breaking up with an abusive partner is easier said than done.

Manicurist Life Coach – Job Description

Here's a creative way to combine two business ideas: offer life coaching services as you give manicures. In this life coach job description, you'll how a certified life and wellness coach also works as a professional manicurist.

How to Stop Feeling Guilty Over a Relationship Breakup : The Passion Seeker

You know breaking up was the right thing to do, but you feel guilty anyway. Here’s how to stop feeling guilty about the breakup and start healing. On my article about letting go of someone you love, a reader asked how she can stop feeling guilty about breaking up with her boyfriend of four years. Here are my suggestions, starting with a quotation from a strong woman in history. “This is all you have,” says Dr Laura Schlessinger. “This is not

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Starting a Graphic Design Business? How a Successful Designer Did It

Whether you want to start a graphic design business or put a little “oomph” into the business you have, you can’t miss this job description! Here, a self-employed Vancouver-based graphic designer offers salary and career tips for aspiring designers. “The general public has a surprisingly low awareness of what communication designers do, exactly,” says Kathy Sigstad, who created Stringbean Design. “Everything in the natural world grows perfectly all on its own, but everything in the human world is shaped by the human mind and hand.” Sigstad

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The Most Creative Handcrafted Cremation Urns

These cremation urns range from pendants to green burial vessels. What I love about Artisurn (artist's urns) is the idea of healing through beauty and ashes. Here are several different types of cremation urns - including pendants that hold ashes - which were created with love by artisans who specialize in memorial resting places.

The Bed and Breakfast Business – What Does a B and B Owner Do?

What’s the bed and breakfast business like? Here, a B and B hotel owner – aka an innkeeper – shares her job description and offers career tips for aspiring bed and breakfast business owners… Nancy Hinchliff owns and operates Aleksander House, a bed and breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky.  She says that most guests are surprised that running a bed and breakfast is so much work. “Most have a very romantic idea of what a bed and breakfast is. They forget

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