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Becoming an Acupuncturist? An Inside Look at Acupuncture Jobs

Whether you’re becoming an acupuncturist or you just want an inside look into acupuncture jobs, don’t miss this job description! These career tips are from a self-employed acupuncturist who is happy to share her education, work, and salary information. “If you want to be a self-employed acupuncturist, you have to be completely dedicated to the medicine and learn all you can about managing a business,” says Kristen Burris, the Founder, President, and Medical Director of American Acupuncture Center. “You may be

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What to Do With Turkey Leftovers

When you’re looking for tips for what to do with turkey leftovers, remember turkey is a bland meat. So, you can incorporate turkey leftovers into most dishes.

Anne Lamott – Limping After Loss

After You Lose Someone You Love, You Walk With a Limp Anne Lamott wrote an article for O magazine, about losing someone you can’t live without. She compared it to a broken leg: you heal, but you’ll always walk with a limp. I found this passage when researching Madonna for See Jane Soar. Here’s what Oprah said to Madonna during an interview: “A few months back, Anne Lamott wrote a piece for my magazine about being 49. I’ll read

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Overcoming Shame and Guilt – Erica Jong

Before you can overcome feelings of guilt and shame, you need to learn the difference between the two. These tips on overcoming shame and guilt are inspired by bestselling author Erica Jong...

Need a Second Chance? Jobs for Felons

Several job leads for felons who are ready for a second chance. One is beekeeping (an odd job for an ex con – but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!) and another is free job search counseling.

Power Tool Gifts for Women Who Love to DIT (Do It Themselves)

Women, too, want the gift of power tools! These ideas are for women who love to DIT (Do It Themselves) with their own power tools – or who need to hear “You Go, Girl” in practical ways. Here’s a quip to write in the card, if you’re buying a power tool for a woman who owns her own home: “There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home.”  ~ Kenny Guinn. An unavoidable part of owning a home

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How to Get Money to Start Your Business – Suze Orman

Are you an entrepreneur at heart who is ready to leap into self-employment? There are several ways to get money to start your own business – especially if you’re a female entrepreneur who believes in herself! Here’s financial and life inspiration from Suze Orman: “In all realms of life it takes courage to stretch your limits, express your power, and fulfill your potential. It’s no different in the financial realm.” You need courage to be an entrepreneur – and you need

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How to Find a Church After Being Hurt by Church Leaders

These seven tips on how to find a new church are inspired by a forest parable, and based on my experience being hurt by the church leaders. We’re searching for a new home church in Vancouver because of a few negative experiences in our previous church.

12 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

These gifts for people who travel range from practical to sentimental, but focus mainly on practical. Finding the right gift for your traveling friends or family members depends on where they're going, how long they'll be away, and how they feel about the trip.