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What is a Funeral Director’s Job? Careers in Funeral Services

A funeral director’s job involves helping people plan funeral services with compassion and empathy.  In this career profile, a funeral director describes the challenges and rewards of working in a funeral home, and offers career tips for people interested in this caring profession. Sherry Varkel, an Ontario licensed funeral director since 1997, says that people are often surprised by the personalities of people in her field. “We all have good and positive attitudes,” she says.  They need to in order

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Is Owning a Costume Rental Shop as Fun as It Sounds? Sometimes…

Owning a costume rental shop is fun in many ways – and hard work in others! In this job description, a costume rental store owner describe the ups and downs of owning and managing a fancy dress shop. Most customers are surprised that you can get such a huge assortment of costumes in a rental shop – they can come in looking one way and walk out looking like Freddy Mercury, Shrek or Marilyn Monroe! For some customers,

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5 Do-It-Yourself Dog Massage Techniques

These five simple do-it-yourself dog massage techniques are from certified canine bodywork practitioners. I interviewed them for an article on pet massage I wrote last year for alive magazine in Vancouver.

Creative Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Digging through a Christmas stocking stuffed with holiday surprises is the best part of Christmas morning! Here are two lists of creative Christmas stocking stuffer ideas: one for him, and one for her.

How to Help a Friend Whose Mom Has Cancer

Our friend’s mom was recently diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her brain. These tips on how to help a friend whose mom has cancer are from him, and from an interesting news article I found.

Learn to Play the Flute Without Paying for Lessons

Here’s how I learned to play the flute without music lessons – I’m a self-taught flutist (flute player), and I’m the first to admit how frustrated and annoyed I get when I’m trying to learn new songs on the flute.

3 Ways to Leave Relationship Abuse Behind

These ways to leave relationship abuse behind are for women in toxic, addictive relationships. They may know they’re not living their best life…but breaking up with an abusive partner is easier said than done.

Manicurist Life Coach – Job Description

Here's a creative way to combine two business ideas: offer life coaching services as you give manicures. In this life coach job description, you'll how a certified life and wellness coach also works as a professional manicurist.