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How to Find a Church After Being Hurt by Church Leaders

These seven tips on how to find a new church are inspired by a forest parable, and based on my experience being hurt by the church leaders. We’re searching for a new home church in Vancouver because of a few negative experiences in our previous church.

12 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

These gifts for people who travel range from practical to sentimental, but focus mainly on practical. Finding the right gift for your traveling friends or family members depends on where they're going, how long they'll be away, and how they feel about the trip.

17 Gift Ideas for Women After Mastectomy Surgery

These gift ideas after a single or double mastectomy will help breast cancer patients heal. The gift tips are based on an oncologist’s instructions for post-mastectomy healing. First, though, I want to introduce you to Catherine Madden, who bravely shares the gift she gave herself after a double mastectomy...a tattoo over her "missing" breasts!

Sister Gift Ideas

You'll find the perfect gift ideas for a sister here - the most important thing is give her something that suits her personality and lifestyle. This list of gifts will help you figure out what your sister likes, so you can feel good about what you're giving her.

Life Lessons From Lung Cancer

Ken Wheatley, the co-director for the lung cancer alliance for California, describes the lessons he learned after losing his wife to lung cancer.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs – Signs and Treatments

It’s painful to see your dog suffer from joint pain. These signs and treatments of hip dysplasia in dogs - inspired by The Parable of the German Shepherd - will help you recognize and treat your dog’s joint pain.

Job Description – Log Home Builders

In this job description of log home builders, an experienced builder shares tips for working in the construction business. Learn what it's like spend your days in construction.

10 Classic Board Games for Adults

This list of classic board games for adults includes a brief history of each game and what makes the board games classic. These "gifts for gamers" also includes links,so you can get more information.

How Much to Pay a Dog Walker

Whether you're in the dog walking business or hiring a dog walker, you'll want to know the rates I pay for my two dogs in Vancouver – and they may tempt you to start a dog walking business!

Gift Ideas for Friends Getting Divorced

These gift ideas for a friend going through a divorce range from towers of happiness to tools of empowerment, and will help your friend see divorce as a beginning - not just an ending.