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Lighten Up to Get More Done – Dr Estelle Ramey

The life lesson: you don’t have to be serious or grim to get more done and pursue your dreams! The successful woman: witty feminist Estelle Ramey, who was a Georgetown University endocrinologist and women’s libber (1917-2006). “Men were designed for short, nasty, brutal lives,” said Ramey. “Women are designed for long, miserable ones.” She was kidding, of course…wasn’t she? Women do live longer, and maybe we are more miserable. We’re certainly subject to the whims of PMS and perimenopause, and fits of jealousy and

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One Thing You Can Do to Stop Dog Abuse

You can’t save all abused animals, but you can do one or two little things to help stop dog abuse. Little things make a big difference – especially to the dog who is being abused!

Set Spiritual Goals for the New Year – New Beginnings

When we set spiritual goals for the New Year we create a foundation for material goals to blossom. If we focus solely on the external – the exercise program, the weight loss, the financial plans, the career success – we end up feeling empty, even if we do achieve them. When we place our attention on the essence of these objectives, the true reason we want to achieve them, we feel whole and balanced. From this place it becomes much

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Not Your Traditional Widows Support Group

Step back from the traditional support group for widows, and consider a different kind of support group for grieving spouses. Saturday Night Widows is both a book and an alternative way to transition from marriage to widowhood.

Light Fragrances and Perfumes for Spring and Summer Birthdays

These light perfume fragrances make perfect gifts for spring and summer birthdays! Summer perfumes range from tea fragrances to guava scents, and contain fresh and floral scents that are perfect for gifts. Here’s a quip to write in the summer birthday card – especially if your gift recipient is a gardener: “All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its

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Narcolepsy Symptoms and Treatments

There is no cure for this type of hypersomnia, but you can find the right narcolepsy treatment. Here’s a narcoleptic definition, plus narcolepsy symptoms and therapies.

How to Deal With Transverse Myelitis

These tips on how to deal with Transverse Myelitis are from a young girl. Sarah Todd was suddenly afflicted with the paralysis and pain that accompanies this spinal cord injury.

Gifts For Pipe Smokers and Tobacco Hobbyists

Finding the right gift for pipe smokers or tobacco hobbyists can be difficult, especially if you don't encourage smoking! These ideas include gifts that recognize a pipe smoker's hobby, but don't necessarily involve smoking.

10 Early Retirement Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift for someone retiring early is different than gift giving for someone retiring as scheduled. These retirement gift ideas start with Dr Seuss, and are intertwined with quotes about retiring.

A Wine Store Owner Describes How to Manage a Wine Shop

Here, a wine store owner describes her career in the wine industry: managing her gourmet food and wine shops. This job description reveals that owning a wine store is a labor of love and passion. As with any small business, knowing how to manage a specialty shop brings its challenges — and its rewards. One of the most surprising things about Tracy Kellner, owner of two Provenance Food & Wine shops in Chicago, is how enthusiastically she embraces the food and wine

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How to Wrap Awkward Gifts

Here are several creative ways to wrap odd-shaped or awkward gifts such as bikes, scarves, coffee cups, travel mugs, money, socks, DVDs, and tickets. Those awkward gifts are hard to wrap, unless you rip up the wrapping paper. When I searched for “how to wrap a bike”, the article said to put a bow on it. Not so creative, is it? That’s because it depends on the size of the bike. A tyke’s bike can be inserted into a large

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Job Description – School Psychological Examiner

A school psychological examiner gives an inside look at the psychology of testing kids, in this “Quips and Tips” job description. Here’s how psych examiners evaluate students for programs and placed in a school’s special education programs. “I think most people are surprised at the time and paperwork required to complete the evaluation process from start to finish,” says School Psychological Examiner Josephine Ciolli, who is certified in Missouri. “On average, it takes about 20 hours to finish a

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