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Want a Social Media Job? A SEO Consultant Shares Career Tips

If you want a job in social media, check out this job description from a SEO consultant. This social media expert describes the best and worst of online marketing, and offers career tips for SEO consultants. Eliška Hutníková is a web copywriter and social media specialist in Prague, Czech Republic. Here, she describes what she likes best and least about her job, and offers a bit o’ career advice for aspiring social media superstars. But first, a quote about social media: “Businesses

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Your Complete Holiday Gift Guide

In this unique holiday gift guide, I organized my most popular holiday shopping articles into five different categories. You’ll find a gift list with creative, unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list – whether you’re shopping for writers, grandparents, or animal lovers.

How to Live Your Best Life – Oprah Winfrey

“Live your best life” is Oprah Winfrey’s mantra – but what does it mean? These tips on how to live your best life aren’t directly from Oprah; they’re inspired by her words and life. She’s one of the most strong, successful, powerful women in history and we can learn so much from her — whether we watch her TV show or not! “For every one of us who succeeds, it’s because there’s somebody there to show you the way out,” says Oprah. ” The light

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