Job Description – School Psychological Examiner

A school psychological examiner gives an inside look at the psychology of testing kids, in this “Quips and Tips” job description. Here’s how psych examiners evaluate students for programs and placed in a school’s special education programs. “I think most people are surprised at the time and paperwork required to complete the evaluation process from start to finish,” says School Psychological Examiner Josephine Ciolli, who is certified in Missouri. “On average, it takes about 20 hours to finish a

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5 Secrets of Great Public Speakers

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia). In preparation for my speech at the Big Sisters Gala tonight, I researched public speaking tips and uncovered the secrets of the best public speakers.

What is Sports Psychology? Professional Coaching for Athletes

Sports Psychologist, Susan Zaro Stop wondering what sports psychology is! Here, a professional coach for athletes describes her job combining psychotherapy and coaching. She also describes the best and worst parts of working in sports psychology, and offers career tips… “If you’re thinking about sport psychology consulting and you don’t have a counseling background, look into a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology,” says Susan Zaro, who has provided customized Sport Psychology programs and services to individuals, families, coaches and sport organizations in the

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