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Best Ways to Think More Creatively – Maya Angelou

How could I describe the best ways to think more creatively – and fire up your creative juices! – without calling on the great Maya Angelou? If you want to brainstorm more creative ideas, think more creatively, and add more creativity to your life, trust this poet to give you the key to firing up your creative juices… “You can’t use up creativity,” says Maya Angelou. “The more you use, the more you have.” The secret to being more creative

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Tips for Writing a Book After Getting Rejected

The first book you wrote got rejected by literary agents, publishers, and even your mom. These tips for writing a book are for you and all the other thousands of writers just like you. You -- and I! -- need to learn how to bounce back after getting rejected.

How to Help a Loved One in Hospice

Seeing someone you love in hospice care can be scary and painful. These ideas for how to help a loved one in hospice are practical, and will help alleviate the fear and awkwardness you may feel when you visit.

Website Designer Job Description – Developing Sites Online

In this website designer job description, Kim Hill shares what it’s like to develop sites online for businesses and individuals. She loves being a small business owner, despite the uncertainties that go along with being self-employed. Here, she offers career tips for people who hope to put their creative skills to work. Kim Hill has a degree…but it’s not in computer design. “I have a degree in criminology”, she says.  “Everything I know about my business is self-taught.”  At Karsun

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How to Cope With Negative Coworkers

Don't let negative coworkers sap your strength and drain your energy. These tips for coping with toxic, negative coworkers will help you stay strong, healthy, and happy.