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10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for the Hostess

A creative spin on your traditional Thanksgiving gift ideas for the hostess, to make your gifts more meaningful! A theme-based list of 10 gift ideas, ranging from local Thanksgiving offerings to fanciful holiday gifts.

The Wishing Well for Wishful Wednesday

If you had one health wish that could be granted overnight, what would it be? Here is our Wishing Well - Wednesdays is “Wishful Wednesday”, but you can make a health wish any day of the week!

What to Expect After Filing for Divorce

Getting divorced feels different for everyone, but there are some things everyone experiences. Here's what to expect after filing for divorce, whether this is your first, second, or third time getting divorced.

How to Study When You Can’t Focus

It's a common problem for students: you have to study for the exam, but you feel distracted. These 6 tips on how to study when you can't focus will get you through exams.

What to Pack for an All Inclusive Resort Vacation

Here's a complete list of things you must pack for an all inclusive resort vacation, from practical beach items to non-essentials you'll be glad you brought! This packing list and tips will ensure you don't forget anything - because even "all inclusive resorts" don't supply everything.

The Grieving Process After Your Husband Dies

You may still be in shock, and barely able to accept that you are a widow. These tips for dealing with the grieving process after your husband dies are from a widow. Her name is Kathleen, and she lost her husband after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.

6 Ways to Help Your Alcoholic Brother or Sister

If your brother or sister struggles with alcoholism, you may feel helpless. These six ways to help an alcoholic sister or brother are based on a book called Sober Siblings - they may help you understand your sibling's drinking problem and figure out what you can do to help.

How to Live Without Your Dog

If you think you can’t live without your dog, you’re not alone. These tips for surviving your dog's death are inspired by a question from a reader…