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Using Spiritual Strength to Cope With Grief Over Pet Loss

Sometimes, finding spiritual strength is the only way to heal from the pain of saying good-bye to a beloved dog, cat, or other pet – because earthly strength just doesn’t compare. Here are several ways to “use” spirituality to cope with the grief of pet loss…

How to Make a Bed Bug Trap

These four easy steps to making a homemade bed bug trap are from a University of Florida researcher. The good news is that this trap for bed bugs costs less than $1 to make.

6 Steps to Spiritual Growth in Christ

Whether you’re a mature Christian or a new believer, these steps to spiritual growth will help revive the Holy Spirit. These tips worked for me, and they just might work for you.

Insurance Adjuster Jobs – The Inside Scoop on Adjusting Claims

Independent Insurance Adjuster Jobs, Salary, Career Tips Take a break from searching for insurance adjuster jobs, and get the inside scoop on adjusting claims! In this insurance adjuster job description, you’ll learn that working in insurance goes beyond settling claims. Ann Yankowksy is an independent claims adjuster; here, she describes the best and worst parts of her job in the insurance industry. Insurance adjusters do the work required to process a claim. An independent adjuster might handle the claim filed

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The Secret of Success for Olympic Athletes

Whether you want to win a gold medal or a golden ticket, the secret of success for Olympic athletes applies to you. We all have our own version of gold medals, don’t we? And the road to success is the same for everyone.

Staying Positive While Caring for Your Ill Dog

Dog lovers know that dogs are the most amazing creatures on the planet; the most unconditionally loving, accepting, welcoming and joyful four legged companions. They also tend to be very empathic, reading their owner’s energy and sometimes matching their owner’s emotions, so it is very important to stay positive when caring for your ill dog. Otherwise they may expend energy caring for you or matching your mood. It can be challenging to watch your normally spunky, tail wagging friend

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How to Recover From Sleep Debt

Sleep debt is similar to financial debt: the fewer Zzz’s you deposit into your “sleep bank”, the more debt you accumulate. How you recover from sleep debt is different than repaying a financial debt, though.