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Should I Be a Singer? What a Music Career is Really Like

Singer Songwriter Lorne Warr’s Rock Band Should you be a singer? Learn what a music career is really like! In this job description, a singer songwriter shares career tips for the music industry. Singing is a job that’s as glamorous as it is gritty. Lorne Warr, the front man of The Streels, blends his musical talents along with storytelling and songwriting gifts to create original music along with Maritime and Celtic tunes. “I was surrounded by music growing up in Newfoundland

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Turning Failure to Success for Female Entrepreneurs – Maya Angelou

Successful female entrepreneurs don’t just survive business failure, relationship failure, or company failures – they turn failure to success! Here are specific ways to cope with failure for businesswomen, with inspiration from Maya Angelou. “You did what you know how to do. When you knew better, you did better.” – Maya Angelou. Bouncing back from failure involves accepting that you did the best you could at the time. When you know better, you do better…and the key is to learn from

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Living Lavishly in Poverty – Wangari Maathai

The life lesson: you can live lavishly no matter how little money you earn or how tired, ill, or just plain crazy you feel. The woman who wasn’t well-behaved: Wangari Maathai.  How do we know Maathai wasn’t well-behaved? Listen to how her ex-husband describes her: “…too educated, too strong, too successful, too stubborn, and too hard to control,” he said. You gotta admire his honesty! Mr Wangari wanted a woman he could control – but you can’t control women who aren’t well-behaved. For

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