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Tips for Writing a Book After Getting Rejected

The first book you wrote got rejected by literary agents, publishers, and even your mom. These tips for writing a book are for you and all the other thousands of writers just like you. You -- and I! -- need to learn how to bounce back after getting rejected.

How to Help a Loved One in Hospice

Seeing someone you love in hospice care can be scary and painful. These ideas for how to help a loved one in hospice are practical, and will help alleviate the fear and awkwardness you may feel when you visit.

Website Designer Job Description – Developing Sites Online

In this website designer job description, Kim Hill shares what it’s like to develop sites online for businesses and individuals. She loves being a small business owner, despite the uncertainties that go along with being self-employed. Here, she offers career tips for people who hope to put their creative skills to work. Kim Hill has a degree…but it’s not in computer design. “I have a degree in criminology”, she says.  “Everything I know about my business is self-taught.”  At Karsun

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How to Cope With Negative Coworkers

Don't let negative coworkers sap your strength and drain your energy. These tips for coping with toxic, negative coworkers will help you stay strong, healthy, and happy.

4 Signs of Bed Bugs and a Remedy for Bug Bites

Here’s how to know if you have bed bugs, plus an easy treatment for itchy bed bug bites. The most common sign of bed bugs is bites on your body, which cause itchy welts and often appear in a zigzag pattern.

Succeeding by Taking Risks – Amelia Earhart

The life lesson: to succeed, you have to take risks. The successful woman in history: Amelia Earhart. Here’s how Earhart succeeded by taking risks…and how her experience applies to your life! “…I believe that little red airplane said something to me as it swished by,” said Earhart – but even though she loved planes, she couldn’t “just” fly. Earhart had to work hard to earn money to pay for flight lessons, planes, fuel, contest entry fees, navigators, and so on…and she earned her

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How to Handle Negative or Bossy Co-Workers – Sophia Loren

A reader asked about responding to bossy co-workers on my Coping With Negative Coworkers Who Drain Your Energy article. Here are a few ideas on handling difficult people at work, with inspiration from Sophia Loren. “Getting ahead in a difficult profession [or with difficult co-workers] requires avid faith in yourself,” said Loren. “That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so much further than people with vastly superior talent.” To deal with or confront anyone

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Reading Nonverbal Signals From Your Co-Workers or Boss – Esteé Lauder

Your fellow employees communicate nonverbally, and understanding their messages can make or break your job! Here are five ways to read signals from your co-workers or boss — with a special focus on the office or cubicle (not body language). And, a sprinkle of inspirational career quotations from Esteé Lauder might increase your motivation to succeed at work… “I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” ~ Esteé Lauder. She didn’t become one of the

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Where to Work Overseas

You want to find a job overseas, but where do you work? What country, city, region, neighborhood? These tips on where to work overseas are based on my experience living in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa for three years. On my article about finding a job abroad, a reader asked a few excellent questions about where to work overseas. She asked about jobs in Africa, but these tips apply to people who want to work anywhere in the world. If you

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10 Gifts for Insomniacs and People Who Can’t Sleep

People with insomnia have trouble sleeping; the best gifts help them relax and forget they can't sleep. The first five gifts for insomniacs will help them sleep better, and the last five gifts are things to do when insomnia strikes.