Overcoming Fear and Connecting With Courage – Suze Orman and Cher

Overcoming fear means connecting with your courage. Here are several inspirational quotations from successful women — Cher and Suze Orman — who aren’t “well-behaved”. These women may come from different worlds, but they both know how to overcome fear…

“If we are to embrace the quality of courage to its fullest,” says Suze Orman, “we can no longer allow ourselves to hide behind fear.”

For more info about overcoming fear, read Susan Jeffer’s book Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway (r). And, here are Suze Orman and Cher’s tips on overcoming fear…

Overcoming Fear – Suze Orman and Cher

“It can be difficult for women to connect to their courage,” writes Orman in her bestselling book Women & Money. “Women can be deflected from a course of action if they think that it might hurt someone else. It’s so much easier to hurt yourself than to hurt someone else, isn’t it? Women also lose their courage when they subscribe to a belief that someone or something is the key to their happiness – rather than recognizing that power lies within.”

I love that: your power is within. For more inspiration from Orman, go to Being a Financial Role Model – Suze Orman.

Overcoming Fear – Cher

When Cher was on the Oprah Winfrey show, she called herself a scaredy cat. I just about plutzed (and I’m not even Jewish!). Cher is 61 years old, has a regular gig performing in Vegas, wears all manner of garb to the Oscars and elsewhere, does whatever the hell she wants – and she calls herself a scaredy cat?! The superstar Cher struggles with overcoming fear and finding courage?

But the thing with Cher is, she does it anyway. She feels fear and takes risks.

And here’s more on overcoming fear from Suze Orman:

“Fear is usually what stands between us and our courage,” she says. “We’re afraid to rock the boat. We’re afraid of confrontation. We’re afraid to upset someone. We’re afraid we’ll lose our job. We’re afraid he’ll divorce us. We’re afraid our kids won’t love us. We’re afraid of what others may think of us. We’re afraid we will be flat broke. The list goes on and on.”

My friend, if you’re a scaredy cat, you’re not alone! Being courageous is different for every woman. For me, it means saying “yes” when I’m scared I can’t do it well – like going on the radio to talk about my articles. For you, it could mean standing up to your boss, or showing your art or writing to the world. Overcoming fear and finding courage could mean being single and not letting it stop you from traveling solo, eating out, or going to movies alone!

Overcoming fear and finding courage means you know what you’re afraid of, and you’re not afraid to admit it. You may be white-knuckled, dripping with sweat, hyperventilating, quaking in your shoes, or screaming inside – but you do it anyway.

Just like “scaredy cat” Cher did.

How do you overcome fear in your life? I welcome your comments below…

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