Wearing What You Want to Work – Whoopi Goldberg

whoopigoldbergdressesskirtseveningdresstcjzuc0kmdqlAre you criticized for the clothes you wear to work? Don’t let it get to you! Take Whoopi Goldberg’s advice; she is a genuine “woman who wasn’t well-behaved.”But remember — there may be a cost associated with wearing whatever you want to work…

Did you hear Whoopi’s response on The View to the woman who criticized her clothes? Among other things, the woman said Whoopi’s clothes were baggy and unappealing; Whoopi told the critical woman to “Kiss my a–” and offered other choice words that don’t make her a well-behaved woman (my kinda lady!).

As a woman, should you wear whatever you want to work? Only if you don’t care about furthering your career or if you’re established in your profession – like Whoopi Goldberg is.

Here’s how wearing what you want at work can affect your career…and, to learn more about this successful woman, Whoopi Goldberg: The Journey From Poverty to Mega-Stardom by James Robert Parish.

Wearing What You Want at Work – Whoopi Goldberg

Don’t get “no respect” at work? Check your appearance… Like it or not, the clothes you wear to work affect the level of respect you get, the chances you’ll be promoted, and how credible you are to your colleagues.

“Before we even open our mouths, people have made a mental judgment about us based on how we are dressed, how we carry ourselves, and the demeanor with which we present ourselves,” writes Lois Frankel in Stop Sabotaging Your Career. “Within 30 seconds, a first impression is formed, so you’d better make that the best impression possible – it can make the difference in someone giving you the edge or simply dismissing you.”

But Whoopi Goldberg’s in a different class…or is she?

If you knew nothing about Whoopi and you came across The View, would her clothes (casual, comfortable, and baggy, like she’s hanging out at home) add to or detract from her opinions? Would you think Whoopi was a successful woman, based on what she wears to work?

Think long-term about what you wear to work. I love Whoopi Goldberg and I respect her for addressing the woman who criticized her clothes! But I do wonder how her clothes affect her long-term career potential. Now, I know that Whoopi is set for life and probably doesn’t have to worry about her next job or career step…but I also wonder if her appearance affects her long-term job prospects. If she was a young woman at the beginning of her career, would she dress differently? Maybe, because it would matter more what she wore to work.

We regular women at work need to consider our long-term career potential – and that includes thinking twice about what we wear to work. No matter what our fashion choices are, I think it’s important to be conscious of the fact that our appearance affects our colleagues, our income potential, and our future prospects.

Do you think Whoopi’s clothes matter? And what about your clothes – do you wear what you want to work? Has your appearance, image, and fashion style furthered your career, or stalled it?

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