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Hip Dysplasia in Dogs – Signs and Treatments

It’s painful to see your dog suffer from joint pain. These signs and treatments of hip dysplasia in dogs - inspired by The Parable of the German Shepherd - will help you recognize and treat your dog’s joint pain.

Job Description – Log Home Builders

In this job description of log home builders, an experienced builder shares tips for working in the construction business. Learn what it's like spend your days in construction.

10 Classic Board Games for Adults

This list of classic board games for adults includes a brief history of each game and what makes the board games classic. These "gifts for gamers" also includes links,so you can get more information.

How Much to Pay a Dog Walker

Whether you're in the dog walking business or hiring a dog walker, you'll want to know the rates I pay for my two dogs in Vancouver – and they may tempt you to start a dog walking business!

Gift Ideas for Friends Getting Divorced

These gift ideas for a friend going through a divorce range from towers of happiness to tools of empowerment, and will help your friend see divorce as a beginning - not just an ending.

How to Produce Positive Energy – 4 Law of Attraction Tips : The Passion Seeker

If you know how to produce positive energy, you will attract good things in life! These four law of attraction tips are based on The Secret, whichs holds that you send out negative and positive energy constantly. And, you attract what you emit. How, then, do you make sure you produce positive energy so you attract good things into your life? I have some ideas for you…but before we dive into my four tips for producing positive energy, check out this quip from Dr Joe Vitale: “Everything

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What is Death With Dignity?

Here are three ways to describe what “death with dignity” is for people at the end of their lives – as well as for caregivers who love them, work with them, and support them in different ways.

Best Jobs for Introverts and Quiet People

Here's a list of jobs for introverts and quiet people, plus job search tips for introverted personality types. If you're an introvert, you're in the minority! But that doesn't mean it's "bad" to be an introvert...

What is a Funeral Director’s Job? Careers in Funeral Services

A funeral director’s job involves helping people plan funeral services with compassion and empathy.  In this career profile, a funeral director describes the challenges and rewards of working in a funeral home, and offers career tips for people interested in this caring profession. Sherry Varkel, an Ontario licensed funeral director since 1997, says that people are often surprised by the personalities of people in her field. “We all have good and positive attitudes,” she says.  They need to in order

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Is Owning a Costume Rental Shop as Fun as It Sounds? Sometimes…

Owning a costume rental shop is fun in many ways – and hard work in others! In this job description, a costume rental store owner describe the ups and downs of owning and managing a fancy dress shop. Most customers are surprised that you can get such a huge assortment of costumes in a rental shop – they can come in looking one way and walk out looking like Freddy Mercury, Shrek or Marilyn Monroe! For some customers,

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5 Do-It-Yourself Dog Massage Techniques

These five simple do-it-yourself dog massage techniques are from certified canine bodywork practitioners. I interviewed them for an article on pet massage I wrote last year for alive magazine in Vancouver.