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What to Do With a Psychology Degree

My first degree is in Psychology, my second degree is in Education, and I’m currently working on my Master’s of Social Work (MSW). Before I decided to go back to university for my Education degree, I researched jobs for people with psychology degrees.

How to Relax During a Massage

If you can't relax during a massage, you won't reap the benefits of getting massaged - such as lower blood pressure, prevention of colds, enhanced skin tone and reduced anxiety and stress. These tips on how to relax during a massage will increase your emotional and physical health.

Hairstyles for Women Over 40

These five tips for choosing a hairstyle for women over 40 include a fantastic “before and after” picture of one of Diane Keaton's best hairdo's.

Symptoms of Food Allergies in Dogs

Here are the symptoms of food allergies in dogs, plus an easy plan for diagnosis and treatment. My dog Georgie either has food allergies or intestinal bowel disease (IBD) – I don’t have an exact diagnosis because I’ve figured out how to keep her stomach calm.

How to Sleep Better – 5 Tips for Introverts

Introverts have more sleep problems than extroverts, according to personality research. These tips on how to sleep better are for introverts who are light sleepers, and who have trouble with their internal clock.

10 Life Lessons From Thelma and Louise

These life lessons from Thelma and Louise movie – staring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon – include trusting your gut and picking your battles. Thelma and Louise are strong women in history – even though they’re fictional characters – and the movie is bubbling over with ways to “See Jane Soar.”  “My husband wasn’t sweet to me,” said Thelma to the cop as she put him into the trunk of his own police cruiser. “And look how I turned out.” Geena Davis played Thelma

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Spiritual Growth and Signs of Spiritually Evolved People – New Beginnings

Spiritual growth is an ongoing process. But what makes some people more spiritually evolved than others? Is it the number of lifetimes they’ve lived on the planet? The amount of good deeds and service they’ve performed? Or the hours spent in meditation and prayer? Even the definition of a spiritually evolved being may vary from person to person. In my view, it’s someone who is fully conscious; someone who knows they are a spiritual being, one with God, Creator, or

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