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Should You Adopt a Second Dog?

If you love pets, you might wonder if you should adopt a second dog. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of adopting another pet, plus a few tips for adding a second dog to your family.

Help Grieving the Death of Your Dog

Here are several different ideas to help you process the grief you feel about the death of your dog. Nothing will take your loss away, but these resources will show you that you’re not alone.

10 Thoughtful Thank You Gifts for Caregivers

Say thank you to a paid caregiver or express gratitude to a family member with the most thoughtful thank you gifts for caregivers. Inspiration for gift ideas came when I helped facilitate caregiver support groups for the Alzheimer's Society in Vancouver.

Is My Dog Happy? A Dog Personality Test

Not all dogs are happy, according to research using a type of dog personality test to assess moods in dogs. Here’s how to know if your dog is happy, pessimistic, or optimistic.

Sleep Questions and Answers

What are your questions about sleeping, waking, sleep disorders, or sleep deprivation? Ask, and ye shall receive sleep facts. The sleep blog is for people who need help sleeping.

How to Be Spiritual in Your Daily Life

It's easy to "practice spirituality" when you're meditating or reading Anne Lamott. More difficult is everyday life! These 25 tips on how to be spiritual in daily life will help you stay peaceful all day long.

Secret Strategies for Web Content Writing From an SEO Writer

Web content writing isn’t easy, even with these “secret strategies” from a professional SEO writer. If you’re an SEO writer – or you want to write search engine optimized articles – don’t miss this job description and career tips. “You can’t use the same writing styles for newspapers, magazines, television, radio and novels; each writing style is distinct,” says Mia Carter, professional blogger, web writer,  and Suite101 editor. “Yet a majority of new bloggers and web writers erroneously believe that they’ll find success

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How to Cope With Anxiety After Putting a Dog to Sleep

Four tips on how to cope with anxiety, depression, and regret after putting a dog to sleep. These suggestions for coping with anxious feelings and regret after saying good-bye to your dog are inspired by a Zen parable about two monks.

Insurance Education – Teaching Adjusters How to Do Their Jobs

Working in insurance education involves teaching adjusters how to do their jobs: liability claims, insurance reports, etc. This insurance educator shares career tips for insurance education, as well as the best and worst parts of working in the insurance industry. Continuing education insurance instructors do more than teach insurance – they write novels, too! Insurance doesn’t have to be dull or dry…in fact, many insurance educators love their jobs. “People are often surprised by the fact that I like insurance so much,”

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When Your Dog Has Cancer

When your dog is diagnosed with cancer, you'll have to make several difficult decisions about treatments, and possibly say good-bye before you're ready.

30 Home Business Ideas – Plus “How To” Guides

A list of 30 home business ideas, including links to specific “how to start a home-based business” guides. For instance, the photography home business idea is linked to a fantastic website on how to start a photography business.

When You’re Scared to Die

Nothing will erase all your fears of death, but these tips will help you cope when you're scared to die. I didn't stop being scared of dying until I was diagnosed with a chronic disease when I was 27.