15 Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions

For men and women, coworkers or spouses, friends or family – these ideas for small gifts are unique because they come with reviews from people who actually purchased the gift. These small gift ideas range from classy pocket watches (a traditional token of appreciation) to gourmet sauces and whimsical socks.

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Small Gift Idea for Wine Lovers

How cute is the “Frog Grog” Frog Figurine Wine Bottle Holder? This is one of those small gift ideas that people wouldn’t think to buy for themselves, even if they had an Amazon gift card! Even if your gift recipient doesn’t drink wine, the Frog Grog could be used for other types of bottles – or even with a bottle of bubble bath that is shaped like a wine or champagne bottle.

The reviews for the “Frog Grog” were very short, but all were excellent. “This was a Christmas gift for someone who collects frogs, but everyone in the room loved it. Super cute and funny,” says one reviewer. The beauty of buying a small gift for someone is that it can be fun and whimsical, like the Frog Grog. The same company also makes frog wine stoppers with corks, which are lovely and fun.

If the “Frog Grog” small gift idea isn’t for you…

Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions

A Token of My Appreciation

An Amazon Thank You Gift Card is one of my top choices for small gift ideas, because a gift card is both a practical and a thoughtful token of appreciation for people of all ages.

A gift certificate or card is a lovely small gift idea because it won’t clutter a desktop, shelf, or bookcase – and it can be used for anything from food to clothes to dog treats!

Here’s a recent review for this small gift idea: “Perfect for sending family members out of state. My niece loved picking out her own gift on Amazon and since Amazon has some of just about everything, she got to pick out a new album, some makeup and a new t-shirt. We were both happy.” Gift cards are one of my favorite tokens of appreciation, even though they aren’t exactly fun to open. Unless, of course, you pack it in several boxes that are wrapped with fun paper :-)

The following 20 ideas range from a BIG small gift (such as an engagement ring) to smaller small gifts that show people you’re thinking of them over the holiday season. If you’re looking for a way to thank a hostess for dinner, read 10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for the Hostess. Don’t be fooled by “Thanksgiving” – the small gift ideas are for all types of dinners and occasions.

Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions

I don’t know if you’re looking for small gift ideas that are tokens of appreciation or ways to say “thank you” to someone you don’t know well, or if you need ideas for small gifts that are easy to send from one end of the world to another. So, I attempted to cover all my bases by gathering a wide variety of small gift ideas…

Gourmet hot sauce – a spicy small gift idea for foodies

ideas for small gifts

Small Gift Idea for Food Lovers

The Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gourmet Gifts Basket Set includes four 6 oz bottles of Louisiana Top Seasonings Sauces: Garlic, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Cayenne Pepper. This small gift also comes with a free Zombies book, which wouldn’t be my favorite part of the gift…but the reviews are awesome!

“I bought this [small gift idea] as an early Christmas present for my boyfriend. He loved it! His favorite flavor was the ‘Antidote’. The set comes in a nice gift box. I was pleased with the appearance.” Another person who bought this small gift said her husband thought it was awesome. He loves to try new hot sauces. He loves this stuff on anything, especially on pizza!

A unique door stop – a small gift idea for all ages

creative ideas for small gifts

Small Gift Idea for People With Doors

The Wizard of Oz Red Ruby Slippers Doorstop is a Wicked Witch of the East collectible, and it’s the most creative small gift on this list. It’s made of cast iron, and is a great present for men, women, kids, seniors — it’d be especially funny in an office setting!

There are hundreds of reviews – here’s a recent one: I’ve owned two of these Red Ruby slippers doorstop for several years and have given them as gifts to my granddaughters and friends who enjoy the whimsy. I think it’s a perfect size – never gets in the way – and it’s heavy enough to take care of a door that originally needed a big, ugly doorstop. None of mine have chipped. It’s a wonderfully fun inexpensive gift.

Mini speakers for the music lover in your life

small gift ideas for him

Small Gift Idea for Music Lovers

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand! I know it doesn’t look that small from the photo, but it’s one of the best small gifts for people who love music. Mobile speakers are also awesome gift ideas for anyone who likes to listen to talk radio – like me and CBC!

Here’s a review of this small gift idea: “I am a professional synthesist, sounds designer, composer and have been dealing with professional audio for a very long time…I can say without ego that I have pretty good ears. I just received this Bose device and I am astounded. This mini speaker sounds incredible with full range output, wonderful bass response and clear/crisp articulate high end…all wireless via Bluetooth. It is beautifully designed with a lot of heft and weight, nice touch buttons on the top with led based indicators for power, bluetooth and Aux input. Nice to have visual indicators as to what’s going on.”

Chocolate covered blueberries, cherries, and almonds

small gift ideas for chocolate lovers

Small Gift Idea for Chocolate Lovers

The dried fruit in nuts in the Golden State Fruit Chocolate Covered Bliss Fruit and Nuts Tray are decadent and luscious. I love chocolate covered blueberries and cherries, but won’t splurge and buy them for myself!

Here’s what a shopper said about this small gift idea — note that the wooden tray of chocolate covered treats looks smaller than it is: My brother and I ended up sending the same exact tray (first time we’ve ever sent each other food for a holiday) to each other within a day. When I received mine, I thought I messed up and had the one I ordered for him sent to myself! Sadly, though the fruit was good, the tray was really really small. Hysterically embarrassingly small, especially for a gift. It was presented and boxed very well though.

Pocket watch – a traditional small gift idea for men

small gift ideas for men

Small Gift Idea for Watch Collectors

The Charles Hubert 3847 Mechanical Picture Frame Pocket Watch is a beautiful watch that has room for a small photo, and needs to be wound daily.

Here’s what a buyer said: “This was a gift for a milestone birthday, for my precious little brother. The hardest decision I had was which finish to choose. He works in construction, where dirt, rain, and grime rule. Although he already had an everyday watch, I wanted a special occasion watch for him to have for the other times. He was delighted with this small gift idea! The box was a wrapping in itself, simple, beautiful, and the black bow I tied around it was all that was needed.”

A gift basket

I always include gift baskets in my gift ideas articles, but hardly anyone seems to buy them from Amazon. I’m not sure why, because gift baskets seem to be the perfect gift! I love digging through a gift basket that includes a huge variety of specialty items. But, gift baskets aren’t usually small…unless you downsize them. Then they just look cheap. So perhaps gift baskets aren’t the best idea for small gifts.

A pretty necklace – a lovely small gift idea for women

necklace small gift idea

Small Gift Idea for Jewelry Lovers

The Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold, and Diamond Elephant Pendant Necklace is a cute, whimsical piece of jewelry that all women will like – not just elephant lovers! Here’s what one satisfied customer says: “Beautiful. I really think that she is going to love it! The pendant is sturdy, and looks exactly as it does on the website, and the best part about it is the lovely little jewelry box that it was shipped it. I definitely recommend!”

Other reviewers said this elephant pendant is very small. One on hand, this makes it a good small gift idea because it’s a mistake to give a woman jewelry that is too big (unless you know for a fact she likes big, chunky jewelry). On the other hand, maybe this gift is too small – and you need bigger better ideas.

The best gifts are ones that suit your gift recipient’s personality, lifestyle, and tastes. For instance, my coworker’s son gave her a $30 iTunes gift card, and it was one of the worst small gifts she ever received! She doesn’t have a large income, and to her it was a complete waste of money. Much better would’ve been a gift card, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Wireless headphones

 Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions

The Wireless On-Ear Headphones with A2 Sound Engine are an awesome small gift for people who want to listen to music or podcasts (that’d be me) without the hassle of wires. I’m including this small gift idea in this list because I want a pair for Christmas!

Here’s what a reviewer says: I love the fact that the buttons for the controls are simple, and placed in a position where your natural placement of fingers accesses all the buttons. Your thumb controls the multi-function button and index finger for the volume. Power is on top, but with a NFC capable phone, all you need to do is touch your phone to the right side of the headphone to turn it on/off. This is a clever and very neat way to turn on/off your headphones. When you turn the headphones on, it tells you how many hours of play time you have. If you ever happen to run out of juice, you can plug in the wires. But with about 15 hours of play time on a full charge plus a micro-USB charging port, I don’t know if I’ll ever have to use them.

In 10 Gifts for Insomniacs and People Who Can’t Sleep, I feature the SleepPhones. This is similar to wireless headphones, but they’re designed for lying down and snoozing.

Gift Cards for local restaurants

In 10 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Parents, I describe a variety of different types of gift cards for many different places: restaurants, big box stores like Amazon and Wal-Mart, music stores, shopping centers. Gift cards are definitely a small gift idea, but as I mentioned earlier – they’re not the most fun, creative, or inspirational. They are practical, though, and make great Christmas stocking stuffers!

Willow Tree Figurines – one of the best small gift ideas for both men and women

ideas for small gifts for friends

Small Gift Idea

Have you seen the Willow Tree figurines? I have two; and I just recently discovered the  Willow Tree Kindness Boy figurine. There’s also a nativity scene figure, and many family Willow Tree symbols. They’re beautiful gifts – even for grown men! “It was the perfect gift for my son,” says someone who gave this gift to her adult child. “We had lost our Golden Retriever and this was a memorial for him. He is a grown man and lives in another state, but this would remind him of our dog’s younger days.”

Diamond ring – a traditional small gift for couples in love

If you’re a man searching for a small gift idea for your girlfriend, maybe it’s time to think about giving her an engagement ring. But, don’t propose unless you sincerely feel ready to marry her. This isn’t one of those small gifts you give and forget about – it’s serious gift that has a big price tag. And I don’t just mean the financial cost of an engagement ring!

Socks – a good Christmas stocking stuffer idea

gift ideas small him

Small Gift Idea for Sock Lovers

Solmate Socks – Mismatched Crew Socks are fun and funky, and come in a huge variety of colors and sizes. One person who loves these sock says, “I bought a pair of these about 8 months ago and am buying a second pair in a different color because I’ve enjoyed them so much. They are lovely and whimsical. Beautiful knit texture, soft and comfortable. They are thick and I wear them with sneakers or open-back clogs but not with more closely fitting shoes. They are warm but not too warm. They lift my mood and make me happy when I’m wearing them. They look folksy but less outlandish in person than they do in the pictures.”

Tickets to a local performance or concert

My friend gave my husband and me tickets to see the Carolyn Arends concert at our local church, this coming weekend. This is a lovely small gift idea – especially since it’s an experience, not stuff. I love experiences because they’re the best gifts! Consider giving a small gift of a pair of tickets to the ballet, opera, play, music concert, or even a sports game.

Diamond Snowflake Pendant – a classy small gift idea for her

small gift ideas for her

Small Gift Idea for Her

Diamond “Snow Flake” Pendant with Chain in 10K White Gold is a beautiful symbol of winter, snow, and the holiday season. It’s similar to the gorgeous yellow gold and diamond sun pendant that I included in 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – From Easy to Extravagant.

Here’s what a buyer says about the pendant small gift idea for her: “It looks just like the photo. The pendant is about the size of a dime and has a subtitle shine to it. It’s well made. The seven diamonds are raised a little to make them stand out. The chain is sturdy. I am delighted with this small gift.”

Bonus Small Gift Idea! Silk pajamas – a lovely gift for women

The Morning Dew Women’s Silk Pajamas may not be a small gift for women, but they are the most popular gift on my 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women article. Those pajamas and the yellow gold diamond sun pendant are cherished gift ideas for women (the pendant is more along the “small gift ideas” line). But I think the silk pajamas are a good small gift because they’re so luxurious, and women don’t always like to spend lots of money on luxury items to sleep in.

About these silk pajamas, a shopper says: “I lived in China and India, and my wife is a veteran silk shopper. Needless to say, I was nervous about this small gift purchase – but I had nothing to be concerned about. They were promptly shipped and arrived in a beautiful gift box. More importantly, the quality of fabric, seams, and the design was obvious. The real test was with the experienced silk shopper – my wife was thrilled, and she immediately recognized the quality of these silk pajamas.”

If you’re looking for small gift ideas for someone who is recovering from breast cancer and chemotherapy – and surgery – read 17 Gift Ideas for Women After Mastectomy Surgery.

What other ideas for small gifts can you think of? I welcome your thoughts below…

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