Gift Ideas for Friends Getting Divorced

These gift ideas for a friend going through a divorce range from towers of happiness to tools of empowerment, and will help your friend see divorce as a beginning – not just an ending.

divorce gift ideas

Gift Basket for Divorced Friends

The *Make You Laugh* Gift Basket for Women pictured is available for delivery from Amazon, and has a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s a “Woman’s Guide to Happiness”, which will cheer your friend up after the divorce is final.

If you know someone going through a divorce, give a gift that symbolizes letting go, healing, and hope. It’s also important to remember that no matter how bad the marriage was, the divorce is painful and heartbreaking. Divorce gifts should focus on healing and recovery, emotional health and growth.

Here are a few gift ideas for people going through a separation or divorce after years of marriage…

Gift Ideas for a Friend Getting Divorced

Sometimes a finalized divorce is a reason to celebrate; other times it’s a sad, unhappy day. The most important tip for buying gifts for people going through divorce is to suss out how they feel about it. Are they relieved and happy, or depressed and scared? They may be a bit of both.

Last Christmas I gave a friend going through a divorce a beautiful coffee mug that said “Love” on it. I never felt good about giving her that gift, and I still don’t! I wish I had given her a mug with the word “Faith” or “Hope” or “Believe” on it.

Gifts that bring hobbies back to life. “Often after separation and divorce, significant healing results from re-discovering hobbies and interests that were somewhat sacrificed during the marriage,” write Dineane in Gifts for the Recently Separated or Divorced. “What are their interests? Golf, jewelry making, art? Give supplies to encourage development of their talents.”

This is a really thoughtful divorce gift idea for a friend – even if it’s too soon for her to jump back into her hobbies. Just having that calligraphy set or knitting needles and yarn can give them hope and help them look forward to the future.

friends gift ideas after divorce

Divorce Gift Idea

A kitchen tool with an “edgy” side. Women with a dark sense of humor may find that The Ex Kitchen Knife Set by Raffaele Iannello is exactly what they need! It’s a knife holder designed not only to hold knives, but to remind people going through a divorce that they’re not alone….and make them smile every time they put their knives away.

Books to help heal broken hearts. As a writer, my first instinct is to turn to books whenever I need help, information, or support! Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser describes how loss and difficult events can bring positive life changes. A thoughtful gift like this can help someone going through a divorce only heal, but see the big picture.

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodrin is a similar book, but it’s filled with Buddhist teachings about mindfulness, hope, and healing.

Movies featuring strong female characters. “Feel good” movies that soothe broken hearts include Ghost and Legally Blonde, but Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat Pray Love are better divorce movies because the women go on to have adventures! They don’t just sit around and wait for their hearts to heal. If you want to encourage and inspire someone who has just broken up with someone they love, you might steer them towards movies and things that show them that life isn’t over.

Comforting blankets, pajamas, and fleece throws. When my grandma died, all I wanted to do was sleep. A friend gave me a soft, warm, cuddly fleece throw – and I loved curling up with it. A thoughtful divorce gift is a super soft fleece blanket – along with a movie or book.

Whether it’s summer or winter, a Del Rossa Women’s Classic Satin Pajama Set is a thoughtful gift for someone who is sleeping alone after her divorce. In the winter, warm fuzzy pj’s would be great – or a nice soft pair of slippers.

friend gift ideas after divorce

Tool set for divorced woman

A pink tool kit for women. How about a power tool for women who now have to “do it themselves”? The Apollo Precision Tools 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit will do all sorts of work around the house – and it’s a divorce gift that will empower her.

Here’s what Elle says: “Tool sets for women are a fantastic gift for the strong, independent divorcee who is ready to take control when her man has either fallen off or is nonexistent. A woman should always allow a man to help her about the house when he’s available, but it should also go without saying that she knows how to wield a screwdriver, hammer a nail or use a wrench for a leaky pipe as well. There’s nothing wrong with women learning how to use a tool kit; it’s a sign of the times and doesn’t make her less feminine. In fact, it might even turn her next boyfriend on to know that she’s self-sufficient and can handle her business when he’s not around – and even sexier when he realizes she has no problem putting away her little pink or purple tool set (which is super-strong and feminine) to allow the big boys handle the home repair.” ~ from Gifts for Divorced Women – Tool Sets as Gifts.

One last gift idea for a friend getting divorced. Your time, your listening ear, your shoulder to cry on. Sometimes the most thoughtful gift you can give someone who is separating or divorcing is a cup of coffee and the question, “Tell me the best and worst parts of the relationship that just ended.”

Listening without judgment can be the best, most thoughtful gift you ever give to someone going through a divorce. I hope these gifts for women getting divorced help you find the right way to support your friend.

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