Arthritis in Dogs – How to Relieve Your Dog’s Pain

My dog’s arthritis pain is worse some days, and better others. Glucosamine and acupuncture can relieve a dog’s pain due to canine arthritis – and I just found a new research study on natural supplements for arthritis in dogs.

If you don’t know how to relieve your dog’s pain, try Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs – Safe and Natural Arthritis Pain Relief. I use glucosamine for humans – we grind up the tablets and sprinkle it in Georgie’s food. However, liquid glucosamine might be a better way to relieve a dog’s arthritis pain because it’s easier absorbed into the body. After we use up all the glucosamine tablets, I’m switching over to liquid glucosamine.

Paying for glucosamine and other natural supplements for arthritis in dogs can be expensive. If your dog is young, read How to Decide If You Should Get Pet Insurance for Your Dog.

A new natural supplement to relieve canine arthritis

Research from the Université de Montréal found that arthritis pain in dogs can be relieved without side effects. This natural supplement for arthritis in dogs is a new product based on medicinal plants and dietary supplements, and was developed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

How arthritis supplements are tested in dogs

The dogs were filmed as they walked at a consistent speed over a special platform that captures the strength of each paw. The researchers were able to identify an improvement by the fourth week of the trial.

I can see my dog Georgie limp when she walks – it seems to be her front right leg that is most affected by the arthritis. Pain isn’t something I can assess in my dog, because she never whimpers, moans, or makes any noise that indicates that her arthritis hurts her. Truth be told, I’m not even 100% sure she has canine arthritis! I just see her limp from time to time, and I believe that’s a sign of arthritis in dogs.

Acupuncture and electrical stimulation for arthritis in dogs

“While acupuncture and electrical stimulation are two treatments for arthritis in dogs that have been shown to have positive effects on, until now only a few studies have investigated a plant-based approach to therapy,” explained Professor Éric Troncy, senior author of the study. I totally believe acupuncture can help dogs! I went for my first acupuncture treatment – on myself, not my dog – two weeks ago, and my bunion pain has totally gone away. I’m going back for another acupuncture session in a few days, and I keep thinking acupuncture might be a good way to relieve my dog’s pain from arthritis.

Troncy and his team worked with 32 dogs (and their owners!) who had been diagnosed with arthritis by X-ray and orthopaedic exam. They developed two formulas for natural supplements to relieve arthritis pain in dogs for this trial.

Since these natural supplements are not currently commercially available as a way to relieve your dog’s pain from arthritis, you might want to try Cosequin Joint Health Supplement. This isn’t a liquid glucosamine supplement for dog arthritis; these are liver-flavored treats that promote joint and bone health. And, remember that the natural supplements for arthritis in dogs that were tested in this research study may become available in the future.

Natural treatments to relieve your dog’s arthritis pain

The first natural supplement for canine arthritis is made of curcumin, devil’s claw, black current, Indian frankincense (Salai), willow bark, pineapple bromelaine and camomile, was developed to treat arthritis-induced inflammation.

The second treatment for arthritis in dogs included the same ingredients, plus dietary supplements such as omega 3, chondroitin sulfate and glutamine. This supplement was formulated in the hope that it would promote the “regeneration of articulations.” (I couldn’t find the definition of what regeneration of articulations means in canine arthritis, but I assume it’s something good and healthy).

How natural supplements for canine arthritis are tested

Half the dogs received the first formula for four weeks and then the second formula for another four weeks. The other half, acting as the control, received a placebo. The outcomes were tested using three methods.

First, the dogs were filmed as they walked at a consistent speed over a special platform that captures the strength of each paw. Second, a special electronic collar recorded the dogs’ daily activities. Third, the owners were asked to provide their own evaluations of their dog’s behaviour (eg, did the symptoms of arthritis in dogs seem to go away? Is this supplement a good way to relieve your dog’s pain?).

After eight weeks on the natural supplement, the strength of the dogs who had canine arthritis and received treatment had improved to the equivalent of a kilo of extra strength per paw. None of these dogs had any decrease in health or increase in canine arthritis, unlike 35.8% of the dogs who were given the placebo.

The health of the dogs with arthritis declined if they didn’t get supplements

arthritis in dogs

Arthritis in Dogs – How to Relieve Your Dog’s Pain

The improvements in the health of the dogs who took supplements to ease the pain of arthritis was also reflected in the dogs’ daily lives. The collars revealed that the dogs receiving treatment maintained their physical activity, and in fact the group average increased from six hours of daily activity to eight. Meanwhile, the dogs receiving the placebo were progressively less active.

However, the dog owners’ ratings were mixed. By the third evaluation of this natural supplement for canine arthritis, the contrast between the test group of dog owners and the control group was less pronounced. The researchers believe this is because the owners forgot what their dog’s behavior was like before it developed arthritis. In other words, the dog’s arthritis and the owners’ desire to learn how to relieve the pain of arthritis in dogs overcame the memory of the pre-arthritis days.

Supplements to relieve the pain of arthritis in humans

This research on canine arthritis makes the scientists hopeful that they’ll find a natural supplement to relieve arthritis pain in humans. I think that’s great – but I want to know how to relieve my dog’s arthritis pain!

If you have any suggestions on how to treat canine arthritis – and relieve a dog’s pain due to arthritis – please let me know below. I welcome all comments.

Source: New natural supplement relieves canine arthritis from the Université de Montréal.

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