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Life Coaching for Moms – How a Life Coach Helps Mothers Succeed

Perhaps the best tip for life coaching is to find your target market (moms?) – and love your clients! Here’s how one life coach helps mothers succeed. This isn’t just an inside look at life coaching for moms – here, you’ll also find career tips for life coaches and the best and worst parts of this type of job. “Most people are surprised that I am a Life Coach for moms,” says Lori Radun, an experienced life coach, author, speaker, and owner/CEO of

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Overcoming an Unexpected Relationship Breakup – Eleanor Roosevelt

The end of a relationship is especially difficult to overcome when you don’t know for sure why it ended! These ways to overcome an unexpected relationship breakup are based on a reader’s question on 10 Tips for Surviving a Breakup. These tips aren’t just for the end of romantic relationships – they include the end of friendships, too. Here’s what Eleanor Roosevelt said about friendship: “Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.” When you’re

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Thoughts for Women Considering Divorce

Considering divorce can be agonizing for women; I hope these signs it’s time to leave your husband will make it easier to decide if you should stay married or run for the hills.

How Writing Careers Happen

You always loved writing, but didn’t think you could make a career of it. Here’s how writing careers happen – these tips are inspired by a writer who is majoring in literature at university

How to Help a Depressed Boyfriend

Here's how to recognize the signs of depression in men, plus tips on how to help a depressed boyfriend. This article is inspired by a reader who wants to help her boyfriend deal with depression.

Job Description – Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence reporting is about analyzing businesses and revealing how a company is performing. This job description is from a business analyst whose reports reveal industry trends, identify losses, and improve a company’s bottom line – which is why business analysts are in high demand! “There is a tremendous need for people in this field, even in the recession,” says Robert Pezzulo, owner of Power My Technology. “So, a business analyst’s salary can be well over $100,000 a year,

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