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Surviving the Death of a Dog

Dog death is one of the most difficult losses to survive, especially if you were somehow involved in your dog’s death. These suggestions for surviving the death of a dog are inspired by an email I received from a reader.

Animal Ministry Career – What Does a Pet Loss Chaplain Do?

Animal Chaplain, Sid Korpi An animal ministry career is unique and fulfilling! Learn what a pet loss chaplain does in this job description. If you’re thinking about a career that involves pets – dog training, animal rescue, or veterinary jobs – you can’t miss this career profile. “I offer in-person or online grief support, and post stories and pictures of pets who have passed away on my blog’s memorial page,” says pet loss or animal chaplain Sid Korpi.

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Sleep-Related Eating Disorder – Symptoms and Treatments

Eating while sleeping is a rare but serious sleep disorder. Here's what a sleep-related eating disorder is, why sleep eaters are compelled to eat in the middle of the night, and how sleep-related eating disorders differ from nocturnal eating syndrome.

Easy DIY Green Gifts

Giving a gift is a great way to express how you feel and your appreciation of those around you. When you give a gift you can brighten someone’s day and turn it into something better than what it was when the day began. An excellent type of gift to give that shows exactly how much you care is one from the heart. A do it yourself present says that you put in the time and effort to make the gift

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How to Survive Turning 40

Six tips on how to survive turning 40, inspired by my 40 year old boss and the parable of the Diamonds. Whether you're surviving your fortieth birthday with literal diamonds or metaphorical ones, you need to dig deep.

7 Tips for Small Business Owners Taking a Leap of Faith

A marketing coach shares tips for taking a leap faith for small business owners who are transitioning from part time to full time work. Corrina Gordon-Barnes is the founder of You Inspire Me – a business that makes marketing simple for people who are self-employed. This is my second interview with Corrina, here on New Beginnings. Our first was How She Became a Small Business Marketing Consultant – the link is at the end of this article. Read it if

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How to Find Your Passion

Finding your passion isn’t just something you do in the New Year; it’s something you can do any time – no matter how old you are. These tips on how to find your passion are inspired by someone who says, “I am ready to study something worthwhile. I am an artistic person, I’d like to teach or work with children but I’m also leaning towards public relations or marketing. I need some advice about how to find what I am really

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10 Career Tips for Adults With Autism

Don't navigate the world of jobs, coworkers, and bosses alone - use these career tips for adults with autism to make your life easier! Here are job options for adults with autism, links to autism blogs, and new research on autistic disorder.

Should You Get Another Dog?

When you're ready to get another dog, you'll recognize the signs. Here are a few things to consider before adopting a puppy - these are the signs I knew it was time for us to adopt a puppy to “replace” the one we lost.