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Dated a Coworker? How to Deal With a Breakup at Work

One of the hazards of dating a coworker is breaking up with a coworker! Here’s how to deal with a breakup at work – ranging from the obvious (quit your job) to the practical (avoid the temptation to get revenge at work). “It’s heartbreaking to see my ex every single day at work,” comments a reader on my How to Get Over a Bad Breakup article. “I can’t avoid seeing him because we run a business together, and now I’m

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The Secret to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Deep within, we all know the real secret to manifesting our heart’s desires. We just get sidetracked from this truth. Daily tasks, responsibilities, and life pressures take us off course. And then our small self takes over, convincing us that it takes hard work, effort and struggle to have what we want in life. Long before the movie The Secret became popular, wise sages and spiritual teachers taught the laws of attraction. It’s a simple process that requires ease, patience

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Starting Over After Face Transplant Surgery

You’ve heard of heart, liver and heart transplants…but face transplant surgery? Here’s how three people are starting over after facing the unthinkable: getting a new face from an organ donor.

How to Help a Depressed Friend

These 10 ways to help a friend struggling with depression are creative, meaningful, and practical. Ranging from gift ideas to emotional support, they're inspired by Aesop's Fable of The North Wind and The Sun.

What to Look for in a Counseling Practicum

Whether you’re getting an undergrad or graduate degree in counseling, you’ll probably have to do a counseling practicum. Here’s what I looked for when I decided on a counseling practicum – everything from location to the type of counselors in the organization.

Low Calorie Diets Lead to Higher Bowel Disease Death Rates – New Beginnings

If you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), don’t eat a low calorie diet! New IBD research shows that low calorie diets lead to higher bowel disease rates…in mice. While this research hasn’t been replicated in humans, it is something to think about. I’m on a low-cal diet – just to stay lean and mean, not because I have ulcerative colitis – and I’d eat more chocolate cake and nachos if I thought it’d increase my lifespan! But I’m also not

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8 Natural Ways to Regulate Your Period

Knowing how to regulate your period can change your life - literally! You can regulate your monthly cycle by balancing your hormones naturally, but it requires some experimentation. What works for one woman doesn't work for another.

Martha Stewart – Bending Steel With Her Mind

Martha Stewart says she can bend steel with her mind – which is probably why she’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Here’s what she told Oprah: “I can almost bend steel with my mind. I can bend anything if I try hard enough. I can make myself do almost anything. But you can get too strong, so you have to be careful. You have to temper your strength.” O, the confidence! O, the determination! If I

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Money Lessons for Women in Their 50s and 60s

These money lessons for women in their fifties and sixties are from the financial experts at Women & Co (a website dedicated to finances for women). They also contributed Money Lessons for Women in Their 20s, 30s, and 40s, here on See Jane Soar. “Age is more than just a number when it comes to financial planning,” says Lisa Caputo and Linda Descano – the dynamic duo behind Women & Co. “Starting early can help give you a leg up

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