6 Steps to Solving Almost Any Work Problem – Helen Gurley Brown

What matters more than your specific work problem? Knowing the general steps that can help you overcome most job stresses!  These steps to solving work problems are inspired by quotations from successful career woman and former Cosmopolitan editor, Helen Gurley Brown.
“Nearly every glamorous, wealthy, successful career woman you might envy now started out as some kind of schlep,” said Brown.
Though some women are extremely fortunate, most successful women start with similar levels of education, resources, and money. We’re all “schelps” at one point in our careers…but the most successful career women use the resources available to get from […]

The Secret to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Deep within, we all know the real secret to manifesting our heart’s desires. We just get sidetracked from this truth. Daily tasks, responsibilities, and life pressures take us off course. And then our small self takes over, convincing us that it takes hard work, effort and struggle to have what we want in life.
Long before the movie The Secret became popular, wise sages and spiritual teachers taught the laws of attraction. It’s a simple process that requires ease, […]

Attract Wealth and Achieve Financial Prosperity

In order to attract wealth and achieve financial prosperity you need to step beyond your limitations and allow abundance into your life. Abundance is a state of being where all things are possible. We block out this truth with our conditioned beliefs and societal programming. When we let our fearful thoughts dominate, we only see scarcity. When we rise above this to a spiritual perspective, we use our thoughts to manifest our dreams.
“We are what we think. All […]

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