Want a Social Media Job? A SEO Consultant Shares Career Tips

If you want a job in social media, check out this job description from a SEO consultant. This social media expert describes the best and worst of online marketing, and offers career tips for SEO consultants.

Eliška Hutníková is a web copywriter and social media specialist in Prague, Czech Republic. Here, she describes what she likes best and least about her job, and offers a bit o’ career advice for aspiring social media superstars.

But first, a quote about social media:

“Businesses used to have a small suggestion box near the door that mostly housed dust bunnies and an occasional piece of gum,” says Charles Nelson, President of Sprinkles Cupcakes. “Rarely would someone get back to you. But people can now write a post from an iPhone or a BlackBerry while they’re sitting in your restaurant.”

This is bittersweet, I must say. Businesses can go down in flames or skyrocket to superstardom based on their clients’ Tweets, blog posts, and Facebook messages — and a social media expert’s job is to ensure that flames go nowhere near a client’s business!

If you’re choosing a career in social media, read this job description…

Want a Job in Social Media? A Job Description

“I work as a senior copywriter and social media specialist at the internet business consulting company H1.cz in Czech Republic,” says Hutníková. “My responsibilities are diverse – I create copy for client websites, write newsletters, make recommendations to improve the efficiency of websites.”

Hutníková is also the leader of a small team of junior copywriters. In the social media part of her job, she helps community administrators find the right voice for their organization — similar to what a public relations (PR) expert does. She gives them feedback and teaches them how to use various social networks.

How Much Money Dos a SEO Consultant Make?

According to a wage survey, in North America the average wage on is about $1,750 US annually for a social medial specialist and copywriter. In the Czech Republic, copywriters earn about $1,230 US a month, in general.

Bloggers, freelance web writers, and other social media experts may earn more or less money, depending on their specific job profiles and descriptions.

The Best Parts of a Job in Social Media

“I love the diversity,” says Hutníková. “Because I work for several customers, the content I create and work on can be anything – including toys, fashion, cars, services, on-line tools. There is always some new cool product I can write about!”

That’s the copywriting part of her job. About the social media aspect she says, “There is a huge space for experimenting and trying new things. You can see how well things work immediately. I also enjoy working with all the analytic tools, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.”

The Downside of Working in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The constant change of rules and conditions in social media is challenging. “Facebook especially adds and removes features and tools quite often,” says Hutníková. “A certain tool will work great, and then it is removed.”

She adds that she is jealous of the things people can do in the English speaking market that she can’t do in the Czech Republic. “There are ten million people who speak Czech, and five more million who speak Slovak,” she says. “Social networking and social media isn’t as popular as I would like it to be. We can create successful campaigns, but since we can only work with this small group (and those people are usually new to social media), it is often useless.”

The Biggest Surprise About Social Media Jobs

Hutníková falls in love with the products she write about. “When I want to write good copy, I must know all the cool and helpful features,” she says. “And then, when I write about why this product is so great, I feel like I must get it myself!”

Career Tips for SEO Consultants

If you’re interested in an online marketing or social media job, Hutníková advises you to be prepared for constant learning. She spends a lot of time reading about new social networks, new social media tools, and new techniques for reaching consumers.

“This kind of job is great for people who love to help others – not to lecture them,” she adds.

Eliška Hutníková is a copywriter and social media specialist at H1.cz. She has degrees in  Journalism and New Media Studies from the Charles University in Prague. Visit her at NecoNoveho.cz.

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