How to Wrap Awkward Gifts

Here are several creative ways to wrap odd-shaped or awkward gifts such as bikes, scarves, coffee cups, travel mugs, money, socks, DVDs, and tickets. Those awkward gifts are hard to wrap, unless you rip up the wrapping paper.
When I searched for “how to wrap a bike”, the article said to put a bow on it. Not so creative, is it? That’s because it depends on the size of the bike. A tyke’s bike can be inserted into a large box, no problem. An adult’s bike is a difficult gift to […]

Homemade Soap Gifts – Making Hemp, Chocolate, Mango Soaps

Making your own homemade soap adds a unique, creative flair to anyone you’re giving a gift to. These homemade soaps include hemp, chocolate, and mango – there are five flavors to choose from.
Homemade soap is a particularly good gift for gardeners, who are always washing their hands and often worry about keeping their hands soft. Think Mother’s Day, or even Valentine’s Day…
If you’re giving soap to a gardener, here’s a quip to write in the card:
“Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without […]

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