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What Does a Career Counselor Do?

Learn what a career counselor does in this job description from a self-employed career consultant. Ed Hallenbeck is the owner of Design Consulting; here, he shares what it's like to help people find the right career.

What Halloween Costumes Reveal About Personality Traits

What do Halloween costumes reveal about personality traits? If you look behind the “trick or treat” mask of these Halloween costumes for women and men, you can see right into people’s thoughts, dreams, and personality! In fact, what your Halloween mask reveals could be more important than what it hides. If you could dress up as anything you want for Halloween this year, what would it be? An Egyptian Queen, glamorous gangster woman, a blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe

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What is Sports Psychology? Professional Coaching for Athletes

Sports Psychologist, Susan Zaro Stop wondering what sports psychology is! Here, a professional coach for athletes describes her job combining psychotherapy and coaching. She also describes the best and worst parts of working in sports psychology, and offers career tips… “If you’re thinking about sport psychology consulting and you don’t have a counseling background, look into a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology,” says Susan Zaro, who has provided customized Sport Psychology programs and services to individuals, families, coaches and sport organizations in the

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What to Do When Your Dog Dies

Here's what to do when your dog dies - these tips are from pet owners who lost their dogs. They share what helped them cope with grief, because your dog's death may be one of the hardest things you ever face.

5 Spiritual Ways to Cope With Toxic Coworkers – New Beginnings

Prayer can help bad relationships at work – especially if prayer is combined with spiritual ways to cope with toxic coworkers! Spiritual wisdom can be applied to most work problems, including negative coworkers, demanding bosses, or gossips. “We all need to be each other’s heroes – generously doing good for each other and treating one another with the respect and dignity that each of us so richly deserves,” writes Lillian Glass in Toxic People: 10 Ways Of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable. And,

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Overcoming Fear and Connecting With Courage – Suze Orman and Cher

Overcoming fear means connecting with your courage. Here are several inspirational quotations from successful women — Cher and Suze Orman — who aren’t “well-behaved”. These women may come from different worlds, but they both know how to overcome fear… “If we are to embrace the quality of courage to its fullest,” says Suze Orman, “we can no longer allow ourselves to hide behind fear.” For more info about overcoming fear, read Susan Jeffer’s book Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway (r).

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Should I Be a Nurse? What You Need to Know About Pediatric Nursing

Asking “Should I be a nurse?” is only step one! The second step is figuring out what kind of nurse you should be. Here’s what you need to know about pediatric nursing: job description, career tips, and the best and worse of working as a nurse in the children’s ward of a hospital in London. Alison, aged 37, is a Senior Pediatric Staff Nurse on Starlight Ward, Homerton University Hospital, Hackney, London. She says, “It’s the best job in the

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How to Become an Energy Healer : The Passion Seeker

Here’s how energy healers are trained, how much money they charge to balance chakras, and how vibrational energy heals the body’s chakras. This is a guest article from a healer who has taken and taught many courses in energy healing. In What is Energy Healing?, I explore how this therapy can balance the body’s energies for optimal health. This additional information includes the training, cost, and effects of healing vibrational energy. If you want to become an energy healer, this

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How to Go Back to College at 40

These tips for going back to college at forty (or 50, or 30) are inspired by the Parable of the Lemon Trees. Finding the balance between faith and action is what this parable is all about when you're figuring out how to go back to college as a mature student.

8 Creative Gifts for Knitters

These gift ideas for people who love to knit will help you find something perfect, unique, and creative. Gifts for knitters aren't easy to find if you don't knit - but luckily, we've done the groundwork for you!