8 Ways to Pamper Yourself After a Bad Day at Work : Quips and Tips

pamper yourself bad day at workHad a not-good, terrible, horrible, unhappy, bad day at work? These eight ways to pamper yourself at home will help you gather strength and energy to face tomorrow.

The other day, I gave a presentation at school (I’m working on my Master’s of Social Work at UBC in Vancouver). The professor raked me over the coals. I unintentionally provided him with two “teachable moments” that he used to educate the other students about the importance of high-quality research and precise terminology in social work. That was three days ago, and I’m still cringing embarrassment. It stings!

But it feels good to talk about it, and to admit that I didn’t prepare as well as I should have for the presentation. I gave a 70% effort – definitely not graduate level preparation. I rushed through my research, and didn’t check my facts properly. I screwed up.

And that, my friends, is one way to pamper yourself after a bad day at work: accept responsibility for what you didn’t do well, and make a mental note to do it differently next time. This tip may not seem like pampering yourself, but once you own up to your mistake, then you’re in a better frame of mind to be kind to yourself. You can’t truly be good to yourself unless you’re honest with yourself.

Here are seven more tips for pampering yourself at home, starting with the spiritual and ending with the practical…

How to Pamper Yourself After a Bad Day at Work

By the way – do you read books that comfort you after a hard day? Please share with me in the comments below – I’d love to add a list of books to this post.

Bow your head and bend your knee to your Creator. I don’t know how spiritual or God-centered you are, but I’ve tasted the depth of love, compassion, acceptance, and freedom that Jesus Christ brings. I feel loved no matter how bad I mess up, and I am accepted no matter how lazy or unprepared I was at school. There’s something liberating about God – and He is my first choice when I think of ways to pamper myself after a hard day.

Book a weekend away. Travel is my favorite way to escape and pamper myself after a tough time. When was the last time you went away for the weekend? My husband and I recently spent four nights in Vegas, and it was so invigorating and relaxing. Want to go away for a spell? Read How to Book a Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bury your face in your pet. I have two dogs – Georgie and Tiffy – and my favorite thing when I’m upset, sad, or scared is to bury my face in their necks. Tiffy is especially cuddly and sweet, and could spend hours in my arms. Do you have a cat or dog, and do you spend time just leaning on them?

Light a candle, and sit in silence or soft music for 10 minutes. One of the best ways to pamper yourself at home after a bad day at work is to connect with your spirit. Listen to your heart, thoughts, mind, and soul. What does your body need? What are you scared of? What do you hope for? Pray, meditate, connect with yourself. Some people find music helpful, while others prefer scents. If you haven’t tried incense to soothe anxiety, read The Benefits of Burning Incense for Meditation.

Get a massage. My husband was laid off from work five months ago, which means we lost our extended health care coverage. So, I’m not getting my regular massages – and I miss them so much! Especially since I recently wrote about the benefits of massage for a health magazine; I am now more convinced than ever that it’s a healthy way to pamper yourself after a bad day at work. When was the last time you got a massage? 

Daydream about getting a new job. Are your problems at work due to you, or the work environment? It’s easy to blame everything and everyone else, but smarter and healthier is to figure out where the buck stops. Eventually, it has to stop with you! If you hate your job and wish you could find new work, start visualizing what it’d be like to start fresh somewhere else. Read 7 Cautions for a Career Change at 40 if you’re serious about transitioning to a new job.

Pamper yourself with a bubble bath. tips for pampering yourself at homeI hesitated to include bubble baths, but it’s such a solid as a tip for pampering yourself after a bad day at work! Lock yourself in your bathroom, find a book you love, run yourself a hot bath, and sink back into the warmth and goodness of the tub.

I am a huge fan of spa gift baskets because there’s always so many new soaps, lotions, and suds to explore.Pamper yourself with a Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Jasmine Bathtub Spa, Bath and Body Set.

A final tip for pampering yourself after a bad day at work is to put it into perspective. Here on New Beginnings, I write lots of articles about people starting over after terrible shocks and setbacks. If you’re not dealing with a life-threatening diagnosis, if you have people in your life who love you, and if you are free to go wherever you want…then you will be all right.

What are some unhealthy ways you comfort yourself after a bad day at work?

Also, if you have any books that you find helpful for pampering yourself after a bad day at work, please share below.

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