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One of my favorite quotations for successful women is from Lillian Hellman – she was an American playright. Her quote is about self-sabotage and tripping yourself up.

It’s both depressing and empowering:

“It’s a sad day when you find out that it’s not accident or time or fortune but just yourself that kept things from you.” ~ Lillian Hellman.

I see this in my blogging career – I support myself as a full-time writer and blogger, and went through a financially lean four months with my Quips and Tips blogs. Why? Because while I knew how to blog successfully for money, I didn’t do it. Why didn’t I do what I knew would work? Because I was lazy and rushed.

The other day, I told Bruce (hubby) that I’m not a six figure blogger because I get in my own way.

And that’s why I’m posting Lillian Hellman’s quotation today…I’m tired of being the obstacle that keeps what I want from myself!

What about you…are you in your own way?

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