Manicurist Life Coach – Job Description

Here's a creative way to combine two business ideas: offer life coaching services as you give manicures. In this life coach job description, you'll how a certified life and wellness coach also works as a professional manicurist.

Starting a Food Truck Business – Sweets on the Streets

Learn how to start a food truck business from an entrepreneur who loves her sweet treats. From sharing her Christmas baking to starting a food truck - here’s how Coni Brigner came up with her mobile bakery business plan for Sweets on the Streets.

How to Start a Gardening Blog

Garden writer Chris Eirschele describes how her passion for gardening was planted, and how it sprouted and blossomed into a gardening blog and a career as a freelance writer. She blogs all thing garden, and can help us learn how to stay passionate about what we love. “What keeps me passionate about gardening is the variety of topics I write about on my garden blog and on other sites,” says Chris. “What also drives me is the need to learn

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7 Ways to Be Passionate About Getting Rid of Debt

It’ll take forever to pay off your student or other loans if you’re not passionate about getting rid of debt! These seven tips on eliminating financial debt are from a man who paid off his student loans and a $400,000 home mortgage – a man who is passionate about the freedom money brings. That man is my husband Bruce, and he recently started blogging about financial matters. He’s passionate about investing money, saving money, and getting rid of debt –

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