10 High Paying Jobs for College Students

This list of high paying part time jobs for college students will help you find work - and #2 will surprise you! Plus, tips on how to get hired and things to remember when you’re looking for work as a college student.

How to Find Your Passion

Finding your passion isn’t just something you do in the New Year; it’s something you can do any time – no matter how old you are. These tips on how to find your passion are inspired by someone who says, “I am ready to study something worthwhile. I am an artistic person, I’d like to teach or work with children but I’m also leaning towards public relations or marketing. I need some advice about how to find what I am really

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10 Ways to Make College Cheaper

These tips for making college cheaper will help students pay for college, decrease tuition fees, and cut college costs. Not your usual "get a student credit card" and "get a roommate" tips!

What to Do With a Psychology Degree

My first degree is in Psychology, my second degree is in Education, and I’m currently working on my Master’s of Social Work (MSW). Before I decided to go back to university for my Education degree, I researched jobs for people with psychology degrees.