Are Flower Bouquets Boring or Brilliant Gifts? 4 Signs

flower bouquets boring brilliantWhether flower bouquets are boring or brilliant gifts depends on who you’re sending flowers to! Some people love getting flowers, while others (flower shop employees?) find floral bouquets boring.

One thing we know for sure: flowers are a great stress management “tool”…

“Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.” ~ Sigmund Freud.

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And here are four easy ways to tell if flowers are the best gift to give…

Are Flower Bouquets Boring or Brilliant?

It’s your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion! Of course you want to get her or him something sentimental, but a pair of tickets or another bottle of floral perfume just isn’t meaningful enough.

Perhaps you, like many other gift-giving-challenged people, feel that flowers are the perfect gift because they are fragrant, romantic, and gosh darn it, they are pretty!

But wait, did you know that there are thousands of people who actually dislike – or even hate – getting flowers? I bet you didn’t, and neither did I until I spoke to a couple of flower haters a few months back.

2 Signs Sending Flowers is Boring

Your Partner Avoids Anything Cliché’d or Too “Common”

“One of the reasons that I hate getting flowers is because it’s just too easy for someone to get them for me,” says Rebecca, an ardent anti-flower receiver. “I know that my all my boyfriend has to do is go into a store and buy a dozen roses, and then his thought process about me is done. I would prefer to receive a gift that is homemade or geared towards my personality.”

If your partner dislikes anything that is popular, trendy, or traditional, then you may want to steer away from giving flower bouquets as a gift.

Warning signs of a flower-shunner:

  • He or she refrains from popular culture in general.
  • He or she has strong opinions about social norms and gender roles.
  • He or she likes to stay away from traditional practices and ideals.

Try something unique and creative instead, such as making homemade chocolate or hemp soap.

Your Partner Collects Sentimental Possessions

“I hate flowers because they die,” says Sarah, a 36 year old dental assistant. “I like things that last, so that when I look at them, I can cherish the memories that come along with them.”

If your loved one has a large collection of toys, memorabilia, or mementos from the past, then you’re probably dealing with a person who wouldn’t appreciate flowers as a gift. Try and see what kind of collections your partner has, and instead of giving them flowers, add to their treasure trove. They will love the thoughtfulness of the gift and appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

2 Signs Floral Bouquets Are Brilliant

Your Partner Often Stops to Smell the Roses

“I love all plants – including flowers,” says Danny, a 40 year old banker. “The idea of having real, natural beauty in front of you is calming and relaxing.”

As cliché’d as is it sounds, a true appreciation of flowers comes from a person’s admiration of their beauty and smell. If you’ve seen your partner walk down the street and stop to marvel over the smell or appearance of a flower, then you know that a flower bouquet is probably a good gift.

She Loves Chocolates, Teddy Bears, Romantic Books and Movies

If you partner likes romantic gifts and sentiments, then she probably can be classified under the “traditional romantic” category.

“Though I am a modern woman, I love the idea of a fairy tale romance,” says Julia, a 27 year old real estate agent. “Flowers, chocolates, champagne, hand-written love letters…they all make me feel loved and adored.”

Look around your loved one’s home: do you see romance novels, popular romantic movies (think Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock), chocolates, or stuffed animals? Then flowers are probably a great gift to give!

It takes a bit of detective work and intuition to see if your partner will be bedazzled or bummed-out by a flower bouquet. But if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be rewarded with the best gift of all – a big smile on your loved one’s face.

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What do you think – are flower bouquets brilliant or boring gifts? Comments welcome below…

About the author: Sheena Koo is a Vancouver-based writer, blogger, and website developer. You can find her on twitter at @sheenasaid or check out her website, where she writes quirky commentary on the confounding species known as man.

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    Thanks for this article!

    I’m in the “flower bouquets are boring” camp. My husband can’t figure out why I think flowers aren’t a creative or thoughtful gift — but Rebecca in the article summed it up perfectly: a man (or woman) can go into any flower store and grab a floral bouquet. What’s creative or thoughtful about that?

    But I agree that flowers are gorgeous to look at, and research shows that plants and flowers lower our stress levels and keep us healthy 🙂

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