Anne Lamott – Limping After Loss

After You Lose Someone You Love, You Walk With a Limp

Anne Lamott wrote an article for magazine, about losing someone you can’t live without. She compared it to a broken leg: you heal, but you’ll always walk with a limp.

I found this passage when researching Madonna for See Jane Soar. Here’s what Oprah said to Madonna during an interview:

“A few months back, Anne Lamott wrote a piece for my magazine about being 49. I’ll read part of it: “I have survived so much loss, as all of us have by our 40s—my parents, dear friends, my pets…. If you haven’t already, you will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of a beloved person. But this is also the good news. They live forever, in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather is cold—but you learn to dance with the limp.” ~ from  Oprah Interviews Madonna.

In response, Madonna said she’s learned to make her limp work for her.

What about you – is your limp working for you?

I think I’ve made my limp work for me. I’m estranged from my sister – she stopped talking to me about five years ago. I turned that pain into one of my most popular Quips and Tips blog posts: How to Let Go of Someone You Love. And, I wrote an ebook about letting go. It’s my bestselling ebook, because so many of us are in the same boat! We love, we lose.

While I’ll never completely get over my sister’s decision to cut me out of her life, I have learned to walk, run, dance!

And even soar.

Are you limping after loss, like I am?

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