5 Natural Beauty Secrets for Women – Sophia Loren

Many women secretly wish they were more beautiful – and the good news is that there are easy, natural ways to improve beauty! These natural beauty secrets are from psychologists, life coaches, and doctors…and they’re accompanied by beauty quotations from the gorgeous, smart Sophia Loren.

For instance:

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” ~ Sophia Loren.

A beautiful woman isn’t all pouty lips and long eyelashes…she’s kind, compassionate, and optimistic. She has personality and a joie de vivre. Of course, a little lipstick and eyeliner never hurt anyone! If you want to make your own natural beauty products, click Organic Body Care Recipes. And, read on for five natural ways to improve your appearance…

5 Natural Beauty Secrets for Women Who Want to be More Beautiful – Sophia Loren

“I think the quality of sexiness comes from within,” said Sophia Loren. “It is something that is in you or it isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.”

True beauty (and sexiness!) may be about telling the truth, doing the work you love, and embracing your wrinkles…

1. Telling the truth makes you a beautiful woman. Being dishonest or disrespectful changes your appearance. “Acting ungraciously makes you more likely to frown or raise your eyebrows in arrogance, causing forehead lines. Lying produces inner tension that causes tightness around the mouth and lines around the eyes,” says character coach Susanne Alexander. “Resentment or unforgiveness can cause unhappy facial lines, such as a downturned mouth.” A secret for natural beauty is to act graciously as much as possible. Practice acceptance, gentleness, and patience.

2. Do the work you love, and you’ll be more beautiful. Dr Debra Condren, business psychologist and author of Ambition is Not a Dirty Word says, “Loving your work and unapologetically following your dreams is the secret beauty elixir women never hear about. Doing meaningful, challenging work will make you glow with an inner and outer beauty, which no cosmetic or surgery or makeup can imitate.” She advises checking in with yourself daily to stay in touch with your ambitions and desires. The more tuned in you are to what you want out of work and life, the more beautiful you’ll be.

3. Treat yourself like a beautiful woman. A modeling session with a professional photographer can be liberating, empowering, and fun! “I see women transform and step into their natural beauty on daily basis,” says photographer Lone Mørch, whose sessions help women express their sensuality. One of her clients, who weighs over 200 lbs, shares the effects of the photo shoot: “I recently attended two big parties, and I was on the dance floor the whole time. It was fantastic, and there’s no doubt the photo experience put an extra sway in my gait and a glint in my eye.” If you’re a plus size woman, you might find 5 Ways to Increase Self Esteem for Overweight Women helpful.

4. Embrace your wrinkles because they don’t decrease beauty. Research shows that skin tone influences whether a woman is beautiful more than wrinkles, laugh lines or “crow’s feet.” “An even skin tone can give visual cues about a person’s health and reproductive capability, so it’s considered desirable,” says Dr Bernhard Fink. His research shows that uneven or blotchy skin tone, caused by cumulative sun damage and natural aging, can add 10-12 years to a woman’s age. To be and stay beautiful, make sure you’re exercising regularly, eating right, and drinking plenty of water. Those are tried-and-true natural beauty secrets!

5. Give yourself room to breath. “If you live in a cluttered environment, you tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted,” says life coach Dana Korey. “How you feel affects your appearance. If you’re tired, depressed or anxious – common reactions to disorganization – then you’re not happy or approachable.” Decluttering your mind and spirit is equally important, so stay focused, let go of critical thoughts, and take deep calming breaths. Korey says, “The feeling of nirvana that overtakes organized women creates radiance and inner peace…and that’s something no cosmetic could duplicate.”

Let’s wrap up our beauty lessons with a final quotation from Sophia Loren:

“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”

What do you think makes a woman beautiful? Do you have any natural beauty secrets? I welcome your comments below…

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    I’m an overweight woman, but I’ve always felt beautiful! I think my parents really helped with that because they always told me that I’m so much more than my weight or face.

    If you’re a parent, make sure you help your girls feel beautiful by helping them see that beauty is about personality, treating others right and being kind.

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    I do believe that doing work we love keeps us young. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “Work done in love has the breath of life.” It’s also true that people who love their work take 25% fewer sick or personal days. ~ We feel more beautiful when we believe that we owe it to ourselves, as women, to make the contribution we were born to make, whatever that may be for each individual woman. The world deserves to hear from us. ~ I invite you to visit my blog for more advice and please read my book of the same title, Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word: A Woman’s Guide to Earning Her Worth and Achieving Her Dreams. I interviewed 500 women while writing it and it’s loaded with inspiring stories and nuts and bolts advice (and no whining, no male bashing!).

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    Hey, I really look forward to what you post regularly. I have added this blog to my favorites in internet explorer so that I can return whenever I want snippets of information that I can pick and use right away. I love the way you are able to put into words what you feel and how it is able to work instantaneously. Keep up the posting and flow of thoughts.

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