Website Designer Job Description – Developing Sites Online

excellent-advice-about-web-designIn this website designer job description, Kim Hill shares what it’s like to develop sites online for businesses and individuals. She loves being a small business owner, despite the uncertainties that go along with being self-employed. Here, she offers career tips for people who hope to put their creative skills to work.
Kim Hill has a degree…but it’s not in computer design.
“I have a degree in criminology”, she says.  “Everything I […]

Succeeding by Taking Risks – Amelia Earhart

The life lesson: to succeed, you have to take risks. The successful woman in history: Amelia Earhart. Here’s how Earhart succeeded by taking risks…and how her experience applies to your life!
“…I believe that little red airplane said something to me as it swished by,” said Earhart – but even though she loved planes, she couldn’t “just” fly.
Earhart had to work hard to earn money to pay for flight lessons, planes, fuel, contest entry fees, navigators, and so on…and she earned her money by taking risks. These risks helped her […]

How to Handle Negative or Bossy Co-Workers – Sophia Loren

A reader asked about responding to bossy co-workers on my Coping With Negative Coworkers Who Drain Your Energy article. Here are a few ideas on handling difficult people at work, with inspiration from Sophia Loren.
“Getting ahead in a difficult profession [or with difficult co-workers] requires avid faith in yourself,” said Loren. “That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go so […]

Reading Nonverbal Signals From Your Co-Workers or Boss – Esteé Lauder

Your fellow employees communicate nonverbally, and understanding their messages can make or break your job! Here are five ways to read signals from your co-workers or boss — with a special focus on the office or cubicle (not body language). And, a sprinkle of inspirational career quotations from Esteé Lauder might increase your motivation to succeed at work…
“I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” ~ Esteé Lauder.
She didn’t become one of the most successful businesswomen in history by wishing she knew how to […]

Reclaiming Your Personal Identity or Self-Identity – Sarah Ban Breathnach

The easiest way to reclaim your personal self-identity is to not lose your sense of self in the first place! But, it’s almost inevitable that women lose themselves in the hustle and bustle of family, work, and life. Here are a few thoughts on keeping your personal identity, based on inspiration from Sarah Ban Breathnach.
“One of the most important milestones we’ll hit along the way is the moment when we finally own our own unique point of view and realize how priceless it is,” writes Ban Breathnach in Simple Abundance: […]

Online Copywriter Job Description – Writing SEO Content

In this online copywriter job description, a professional freelancer describes her work writing SEO (search engine optimized) content. Susan Greene is a successful self-employed writer. Here, she describes her job and offers a bit o’ career advice for aspiring freelancers.
“Learn to write content for websites and blogs,” says Orlando-based Greene. “SEO copywriting is where the work is. Writing books, magazine articles, even printed brochures is not lucrative these days, especially for beginning writers. But, the demand for online content is growing, particularly if you have an understanding of search engine optimization and internet marketing.”
How’s […]

Taking Care of Your Breast Health – Renée Zellweger

The life lesson: the better care you take of your breast health, the better equipped you’ll be to face breast cancer. The successful woman: Renée Zellweger.
“[Every woman] should put breast exams on a list of things you deserve to do,” says the Academy award-winning actress Zellweger. “You deserve to have a mammogram every year after a certain stage of life.”
Here’s how Renée Zellweger coped with a breast cancer scare, and how to take care of your own breast health. Being proactive and responsible not only gives you power, it increases your ability to cope with […]

Secret Strategies for Web Content Writing From an SEO Writer

Web content writing isn’t easy, even with these “secret strategies” from a professional SEO writer. If you’re an SEO writer – or you want to write search engine optimized articles – don’t miss this job description and career tips.
“You can’t use the same writing styles for newspapers, magazines, television, radio and novels; each writing style is distinct,” says Mia Carter, professional blogger, web writer,  and Suite101 editor. “Yet a majority of new bloggers and web writers erroneously believe that they’ll find success by publishing traditional print-style articles on the web. If you’re fortunate, […]

Insurance Education – Teaching Adjusters How to Do Their Jobs

Working in insurance education involves teaching adjusters how to do their jobs: liability claims, insurance reports, etc. This insurance educator shares career tips for insurance education, as well as the best and worst parts of working in the insurance industry.
Continuing education insurance instructors do more than teach insurance – they write novels, too! Insurance doesn’t have to be dull or dry…in fact, many insurance educators love their jobs.
“People are often surprised by the fact that I like insurance so much,” says Linda Faulkner, who owns a firm that specializes in career development […]

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