5 Mindful Ways to Get Enough Money – Mignon McLaughlin

These mindful ways to get enough money will help create financial security, independence, and even prosperity. These “mindfulness and money” tips for women are inspired by Mignon McLaughlin; they’ll change how you think about money!
“Too much money is as demoralizing as too little, and there’s no such thing as exactly enough.”  ~ Mignon McLaughlin.
I’m hoping there is such a thing as “exactly enough money” — because that’s what this blog post is all about! For instance, if I make my mortgage payment every month, then I have enough money. (The devil on my shoulder whispers, But […]

Coping With the 5 Stages of Job Loss

Here are the five stages you’ll probably go through after you lost your job, got fired, or found yourself in a redundant position. Whatever they call it, the bottom line is the same: you are unemployed.
These tips on coping after you lost your job are from a book called When Smart People Fail. It’s one of my favorite books on rebuilding yourself after a huge failure – especially when your identity is caught up in the thing you failed at.
“The stages of failure are as predictable as the stages of […]