Dec 082014
15 Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

These birthday present ideas for your wife symbolize the things you love about her, to make shopping for quick and easy. These presents include a variety of ideas that represent a wide range of personalities and lifestyles – from hobby chef to writer to adventure traveler – which will help you buy the perfect gift for your wife. One of my favorite birthday present ideas for a wife is the Handpicked Ultra-Luster White Cultured Freshwater Pearl

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Dec 042014
15 Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions

For men and women, coworkers or spouses, friends or family – these ideas for small gifts are unique because they come with reviews from people who actually purchased the gift. These small gift ideas range from classy pocket watches (a traditional token of appreciation) to gourmet sauces and whimsical socks. How cute is the “Frog Grog” Frog Figurine Wine Bottle Holder? This is one of those small gift ideas that people wouldn’t think to buy

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Nov 282014
7 Ways to Help Your Aging Parents Manage Their Money

These ways to help elderly parents manage their money are inspired by Kyle, a 42 year old husband and father of three. He cared for his mom in the final year of her life – even though both he and his wife worked full-time. Quicken Deluxe 2015 is one of the best ways to help your aging parents manage their money is by getting and staying as organized as possible. Quicken is by far the most

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Nov 212014
20 Practical Gifts for Cancer Patients

These practical gift ideas for cancer patients will help with healing and increase energy to fight the disease. Practical gifts are thoughtful, helpful ways to support someone diagnosed with cancer – especially if he or she is getting chemotherapy for lymphoma, leukemia, sarcoma, or other types of cancer. The best gift ideas for cancer patients come from the patients themselves – and that’s the foundation of these practical gifts. Writer Linda Klonsky asked her friends

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Nov 172014
10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for the Hostess

Here’s a creative spin on your traditional Thanksgiving gift ideas for the hostess, to make your gifts more meaningful! Peggy Williams shares a theme-based list of 10 gift ideas, ranging from local Thanksgiving offerings to fanciful holiday gifts. The Simply Charmed – Set of 6 Shoe Boutique Magnetic Wine Charms is a new gift idea on Amazon, and it’s perfect for any holiday dinner. This is a fun and whimsical gift idea at Thanksgiving because it

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Nov 142014
How to Deal With End of Life Issues

From a Health Care Proxy to an Ethical Will, here are several tips on how to deal with end of life issues. Attorney and author Jo Kline Cebuhar shares her advice on end of life planning, based on her hospice work and experience with a series of losses – beginning with widowhood at age 28. “Losing loved ones, working with hospice patients, and now writing about death and dying has helped me appreciate the true

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Nov 132014
What to Do With Turkey Leftovers

When you’re looking for tips and recipes that help you decide what to do with turkey leftovers, remember that turkey is a bland meat. This means you can incorporate turkey leftovers into most recipes – from a healthy American-style soup to Italian lasagna to an Indian curry salad. Leftovers – turkey or not – can be a delicious, inexpensive way to serve lunches and dinners to your family. If you often struggle to use leftovers, read

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Nov 122014
How to Get Rid of Bunions - 10 Bunion Cures

A bunion on foot (hallux valgus) can cause pain on the side of your foot. These 10 bunion cures will help ease foot pain and show you how to get rid of bunions. I researched these cures because my foot bunion is so painful and I’m only 44 years old! One of the easiest bunion cures to try is the Bunion Aid Hinged Splint for Bunions. It’s for mild to moderate bunions, and enables your

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Nov 062014
How to Move Out and Live on Your Own

You want to live on your own, but don’t know where to start or how to move out. These tips for moving out will help you see what to do and how to do it. The first step for living on your own is knowing that you can do it! You are strong, brave, and smart enough to be independent. I don’t know what stage of the moving game you’re at, but I am 100% sure you

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Oct 302014
Your Complete Holiday Gift Guide

In this unique holiday gift guide, I organized my most popular holiday shopping articles into five different categories. You’ll find a gift list with creative, unique holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list – whether you’re shopping for writers, grandparents, or animal lovers. I’m kicking off this gift list with something I featured on my Gifts for Insomniacs article, on my sleep blog. The SleepPhones – Wireless Sleep Headphones are a great holiday gift idea

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