Jul 022014
Pet Loss - How to Deal With Anger at the Veterinarian

If the loss of a pet was due to veterinarian negligence, you’re enraged! These tips for dealing with anger at the vet after a pet’s death are inspired by a reader who lost her cat. It’s important to know that anger doesn’t vanish overnight, and there are no “quick tips” for dealing with angry feelings after pet loss. I recommend reading books like The Gift of Anger: Seven Steps to Uncover the Meaning of Anger and

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Jul 012014
10 Gift Ideas for Back Surgery Patients

After the stress of back surgery, patients may feel discouraged and exhausted. These gift ideas for people healing from back surgery are based on recovery tips for different types of spinal injuries and surgeries. Every “back surgery gift” is supported by a tip for healing from a spinal cord surgeon. A thoughtful gift idea for back surgery patients is a Mini Fridge for ice, water, and juice. Whether they’re healing from a spine fusion, a

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Jun 272014
10 Thoughtful Thank You Gifts for Caregivers

Whether you want to say thank you to a paid caregiver or express gratitude to a family member who is caring for a relative, here are the most thoughtful thank you gifts for caregivers. Inspiration for gift ideas came when I helped facilitate caregiver support groups for the Alzheimer’s Society in Vancouver. One of my favorite thank you gift ideas is the Willow Tree Just for You figurine (pictured). I love these carvings – I have two of them. I’m

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Jun 232014
10 Really Good Book Club Ideas

These book club ideas will revitalize your meetings, whether you’re reading nonfiction books, novels, poetry, classics, or award winning Pulitzer prize-winning authors. Included is an invitation from an author who wants to be present at your next book club meeting! Room: A Novel by Emma Donoghue has been my favorite book to discuss at our meetings. I love this book because there’s so much to talk about, and the characters are so interesting. Not to mention the

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Jun 222014
How to Compost at the Office - 6 Easy Steps

The kitchen at work may seem like an odd place for an indoor compost bin, but learning how to compost at the office saves money and affects the environment in positive ways. Businesses create more waste than homes, so office composting can make a huge difference – especially with these six easy steps. The Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin, available on Amazon, holds a gallon of waste. It’ll fit on top of the kitchen counter in your office,

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May 272014
How to Cope With Toxic Family Relationships

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. These tips on how to cope with toxic family relationships are inspired by a reader – and adult woman – who doesn’t want to talk to her mom anymore. On my article about solving family relationship problems, a reader said she decided to completely cut ties with her mom. Her mother constantly criticized her and her boyfriend, tried to

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May 232014
10 Tips for Booking a Cheap All Inclusive Vacation to Mexico

I’m getting good at booking last-minute vacation packages to tropical destinations – especially now that I know that people who make travel reservations during business hours don’t enjoy their vacations or hotels as much! So when you book your cheap all inclusive vacation to Mexico, make sure you wait until you get home from work. “We speculate [people are less happy with travel bookings] because they are either more fatigued at work and tend to

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May 142014
What to Expect After Filing for Divorce

Getting divorced feels different for everyone, but there are some things everyone experiences. Here’s what to expect after filing for divorce – whether this is your first, second, or third time getting divorced. One thing I think all people getting divorced should consider is getting a divorce gift - something that pampers and comforts you. “The second you decide to divorce, you are giving up control over your child,” writes M. Gary Neuman in Emotional Infidelity: How

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May 012014
A Group for Women Who Aren’t Parents in Vancouver

If you don’t have kids, this group might pique your interest! It’s a group for women who don’t have children in North Vancouver, called WWAP (Women Who Aren’t Parents). Here’s why I’m creating this lovely new entity… I’ve wanted to start this group for months, but school took all my time, energy, and strength! But now that it’s over – I have my MSW (Master of Social Work) – I can focus on what really

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Apr 042014
A List of Social Work Jobs in Vancouver, BC

Here’s my list of 17 websites to help you find a counseling or social work job in Vancouver or British Columbia. Included are non-profit organizations, government websites, health organizations, and job search sites. Almost all are currently hiring, and all update their websites and job postings regularly. I’m just finishing my Master of Social Work (MSW) at UBC, and have started to look for work. I’m one of those weird people who actually likes to

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