The Secret to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Deep within, we all know the real secret to manifesting our heart’s desires. We just get sidetracked from this truth. Daily tasks, responsibilities, and life pressures take us off course. And then our small self takes over, convincing us that it takes hard work, effort and struggle to have what we want in life.

Long before the movie The Secret became popular, wise sages and spiritual teachers taught the laws of attraction. It’s a simple process that requires ease, patience and trust. But there’s another piece to this puzzle that is often overlooked; one that acts like an elixir, bringing magic to the mix.

As Marc Allen so eloquently describes, “To love one another, and all of creation, is the greatest secret of all. Love overcomes all fear, and transforms our lives and our world.”

In his book, The Greatest Secret of All: Simple Steps to Abundance, Fulfillment, and a Life Well Lived, Marc Allen walks us through the steps of manifestation, and then shares his insights about the glue of love that binds them all together. I’ve described this process below, but for more information, read his inspiring book.

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

Many writers and teachers, including myself, have shared the secrets of creating and manifesting. Yet, it’s always a powerful reminder to review the process. Marc Allen offers this practical approach.

Dare to dream. Who hasn’t had a lofty dream of creating a magnificent life? But how many people live the dream? Take time to daydream about the longings of your heart and soul. Don’t let nagging doubts interfere; rise above them with your vision. What would your ideal life be like in five years time? Write down your heart’s desires on a sheet of paper as though they’ve already manifested. Take time each day to envision your dreams in all their glory.

Imagine the steps. Bring your heart’s desires into reality by brainstorming smaller steps that will take you there. Your big dream may seem too far to reach, but once it’s broken down into small, manageable goals, it becomes doable. Allen recommends turning these goals into affirmations that begin or end with a statement such as “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way,” or “This or something better is now manifesting in totally satisfying and harmonious ways for the highest good of all.”

Believe in yourself. If we let our doubts and fears dominate, we’re doomed. This is why the repetition of positive affirmations, prayers, meditations and visualizations help us to achieve our goals. They override the false limiting beliefs. “Every thought we have is a powerful creative force,” says Allen. We need to unearth our rotten core beliefs and replace them with life sustaining truths. As we believe in ourselves, the universe reflects this back to us with synchronicity, serendipity and support beyond belief.

Create every day. Once the dream is alive, the plan is in motion, and supportive beliefs are place, it’s time to take action. Commit to doing one thing every day or at least each week that brings your heart’s desires into reality. It may be something small such as doing on-line research or sending an email, or it may be something bolder such as arranging for an interview, or joining a support group. Be persistent and try as many approaches as you can imagine that will bring you closer to your dream.

The Real Secret to Manifesting

All of the above steps work if you work them, but what makes the process simple, easy and joyful is when you wrap them up in love. “The end of all wisdom is love, love, love,” said Ramana Maharishi.

If we let our small self dominate, we cut off from the divine source of love. When we remember our relationship to God, our higher self and the rest of the world, love flows freely. In Allen’s book, he reminds us that love is the real secret and it manifests through two important partnerships.

Your partnership with God. “Remember who you are: A child of God, an essential part of a miraculous creation,” writes Allen. Whenever my small self takes over with doubt and fear, I ask my higher self and God to step in and fill me with divine love. A sense of relief washes over me and I am re-inspired to follow my heart’s desires. I know I am not alone. I know that a higher power is guiding me to success. Do what supports you to connect to God, the Creator, and Source of all life. This will give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

Your Partnership with the world. We are all a part of creation, therefore we are all in this together. “Remember that love finds the perfect partnership in all that we do,” says Allen. If we open our hearts to work with instead of against others, a synergy is created that manifests miracles. Look past surface appearances and see the spirit within everyone you meet. “Together, working in partnership, we can discover how to live the life of our dreams, and along the way help create a world of peace and prosperity for all,” writes Allen.

May these suggestions provide the secret to manifesting your heart’s desires. Please share your questions and insights below.

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