Community Connections in Deep Cove, BC

Today, here’s One Thing I can do to make a difference in my North Vancouver neighborhood: create space on the internet for community connections in Deep Cove, BC.

I want to tell you about an exciting new community venture, and briefly describe my vision for the Deep Cove Forum (an online space for community connections). And – most importantly – I want to hear from you! My question for you is at the end of this article. But first…

Connecting in the Cove

Community for Cove is a new initiative in Deep Cove. Christians of all church denominations and backgrounds are invited to join as we serve and support our community any way we can. Whether you’re a resident of Deep Cove or an “innocent bystander” :-) who stumbled across this post by accident, I welcome your thoughts on creating and connecting as a community.

Deep Cove is a smallish neighborhood in North Vancouver; the idea behind Community for Cove is to pull us together and unite us in ways we haven’t previously experienced. Last night was the first potluck and discussion I attended, at Mount Seymour United Church in North Vancouver. Seeds have been planted, and I pray they take root and sprout.

I’m jazzed about this venture! One thing I learned in my MSW (Master of Social Work) program is the importance of community and connection, of being part of something bigger and meaningful than just our wee selves. Together, we are strong – a strand of many cords is not quickly broken.

Deep Cove Forum

An exciting part of this initiative is the idea of a Deep Cove Forum. When I lived on Bowen Island, I sometimes visited the “Bowen Island forum.” It’s an online space for community connections – it allows residents and non-residents to communicate quickly and effectively. I’ve wanted to create a forum for the Deep Cove community for three years, but never felt like I had enough connections or energy to spread the word and get people involved. Plus, school and blogging took most of my time, energy, and attention! The Community for Cove initiative is the impetuous I needed to get serious about starting this forum, and helping the community connect in new and meaningful ways.

The Deep Cove Forum will offer space to:

  • Post notices for lost dogs, cats, bikes, earrings, phones, etc
  • Ask to borrow items (eg, a power washer, DVD, or rain gear for visiting children)
  • Announce events (eg, a community concert, garage sale, or coffee house)
  • Ask for information, help, services, or products
  • Offer information  – but no advertising
  • Discuss items that affect us as a community
  • Share information about community dinners, community gardens, community initiatives, etc
  • Start new groups or refresh old ones (eg, book clubs, community choirs, knitting groups, etc)
  • Make announcements about school activities and events
  • Share random odds ‘n ends about Deep Cove

I’ve often wished we had a forum for Deep Cove, and I am very excited at the thought of starting one! And this is why community connections are so important – I can’t be a forum of one.

Who Are You? What is Your Passion?

Finally, we’re getting to the primary purpose of this article about community connections in Deep Cove: for you to introduce yourself in the comments section below, so we have an idea of “who’s who.” Are you interested in being part of this community in some way? Maybe you just want to know when the forum is ready, so you can participate online. Maybe you have questions or suggestions – we’d love to hear from you! Maybe you don’t live in Deep Cove, but you have a question about moving or visiting here. All comments are welcome.

Here’s our question for you: What are you passionate about – especially in terms of connecting with our community? Please share your name and interests below. Remember that this is a public blog, and it will probably be seen by people outside of Deep Cove, BC (but your email address will NOT be made public).

And, if you have any thoughts or suggestions about community connections in Deep Cove – but you don’t want to share your passion or be involved – please feel free to share below. If you have questions or thoughts about creating community connections happen in your own neighborhood, please feel free to comment below.

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