How to Deal With Difficult Parents

Finding ways to deal with difficult parents will help you settle into peace and happiness - for perhaps the first time in your life. These tips are for adult children who want to move past their unhappy childhoods.

What to Say to Someone Who Has Cancer

If you don’t know what to say to someone who has cancer, you’re not alone. These suggestions will bring hope, encouragement, and support – and allow the person with cancer to lead the conversation the way she feels most comfortable. The “What Cancer Cannot Do” Oval Shaped Pendant Necklace perfectly summarizes what you want to say to someone who has cancer. You want her to know that the cancer won’t ruin your friendship, destroy peace, suppress memories, conquer her

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How to Help a Loved One in Hospice

Seeing someone you love in hospice care can be scary and painful. These ideas for how to help a loved one in hospice are practical, and will help alleviate the fear and awkwardness you may feel when you visit.

The Wishing Well for Wishful Wednesday

If you had one health wish that could be granted overnight, what would it be? Here is our Wishing Well - Wednesdays is “Wishful Wednesday”, but you can make a health wish any day of the week!

How to Help a Depressed Boyfriend

Here's how to recognize the signs of depression in men, plus tips on how to help a depressed boyfriend. This article is inspired by a reader who wants to help her boyfriend deal with depression.