10 Gifts for Insomniacs and People Who Can’t Sleep

People with insomnia have trouble sleeping, so the best gifts for insomniacs help them relax and forget they can’t sleep. The first five gifts will help people who can’t sleep, and the last five gifts are things to do when insomnia strikes. Experts say that when we can’t sleep we should get out of bed, so some of these gifts will give insomniacs something to do in the middle of the night.

When I asked my Facebook friends what they do when they can’t sleep, they said make hot chocolate, read, take a bath, write in a journal, play video games, pray, and worry. Some of these activities – such as playing video games and worrying – won’t help people who can’t sleep. But the others, such as reading and taking a warm bath, will help insomniacs get back to sleep. On this list, I included gifts for insomniacs that will distract them from the fact that they can’t sleep. This will help ease the anxiety that often accompanies not being able to fall asleep. I also included a few natural sleep remedies in this list of gifts for insomniacs.

10 Gifts for People Who Can’t Sleep

Is your insomniac willing to try different ways to fall asleep? Then she might appreciate the first few gifts on this list. But, if she doesn’t want to talk or even think about falling asleep, then you might consider the last few gift ideas.

Insomnia is linked to anxiety and hypertension, so it’s important to give gifts that decrease excitement and emotional responses. The best gifts for insomniacs will help calm them down, not rev them up – which is why video games, iphone apps, or tablets aren’t on this list.

Sleep Headphones

gifts for light sleepers

SleepPhones for Insomniacs

SleepPhones – Wireless Sleep Headphones are the best of all these gifts for insomniacs. I didn’t even know they existed until I researched gift ideas for people who can’t sleep! SleepPhones are headphones built into a luxuriously soft headband made with hypoallergenic, machine-washable fabric. SleepPhones contain an ultra-thin, padded, and removable internal stereo headphone system, which is Bluetooth-enabled.

I listen to podcasts when I can’t sleep, and my headphones are extremely uncomfortable. This is the perfect solution, and it’s a gentle way to encourage people who can’t sleep to relax. Especially if they listen to a sleep solutions or relaxation CD.

Sleep Solutions Calming Mediation CD

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Sleep Solutions Gift for Insomniacs

The Sleep Solutions The Calming Collection contains a sleep relaxation meditation and two different countdowns to sleep. Roberta Shapiro is a psychotherapist in private practice, and her relaxing voice and meditation methods are a soothing way to fall into deep relaxation and relieve stress and anxiety. The Calming Collection provides simple, direct solutions for dramatically reducing anxiety through the use of mindful meditation and hypnosis, to more rapidly produce deep healing relaxation and profound relief of stress and anxiety. Since anxiety and hypertension are linked to insomnia, this gift will help with healing and overall health.

White Noise Machine for Insomniacs

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White noise machine for people who can’t sleep

The Marpac Natural White Noise Sound Machine has an actual fan inside, which provides a lulling white noise sound that helps people who can’t sleep. The Dohm-DS is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation, and it creates the soothing sound of rushing air known as white noise – with two speed operation for a greater range of sound. It provides excellent noise-masking capabilities and a soft comfortable background sound where it might otherwise be too quiet, or too loud.

In the summertime, my husband and I turn on a stand-up fan to cool the bedroom down. Now that it’s not as hot, I definitely notice a difference in my sleep quality. I love the white noise sound that a fan offers. This is a good gift for insomniacs who haven’t tried a fan yet, or who don’t want to spend money on something that may not help them sleep.

Deep Sleep Candle

candle gift for insomniacs

Deep Sleep Candle

The Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle contains a lovely blend of calming lavender and soothing camomile essential oils. This gift is especially thoughtful for insomniacs who enjoy warm, soothing bubble baths before they go to sleep. You might pair a sleep candle with a deep sleep pillow spray, which is a lovely gift for insomniacs.

Candles are a wonderful gift for people who can’t sleep, but they need to be used with care. My mother recently fell asleep and woke up to a fire in her bedroom. If you gift someone with a candle, make sure they won’t fall asleep while it’s still burning.

Helpful Information for Insomniacs

Say Good Night to Insomnia Gift

Good Night to Insomnia

Is Say Good Night to Insomnia: The Six-Week, Drug-Free Program Developed At Harvard Medical School by Gregg D. Jacobs a thoughtful gift for insomniacs? It depends on the person. I would appreciate this book because I love reading and believe books are the source of great information and wisdom. In this book, Dr Jacobs provides techniques for eliminating sleeping pills, establishing sleep-promoting behaviors and lifestyle practices, improving relaxation, reducing stress, and changing negative thoughts about sleep.

An insomniac who doesn’t like reading wouldn’t enjoy this gift! If you aren’t sure if this is the best gift idea, you might pair an insomnia book with something a bit less risky, such as the deep sleep candle above or the Yogi Bedtime tea below.

Sleepytime Tea for Insomniacs

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Yogi Tea for Insomnia

While your insomniac is reading about natural ways to fall asleep, she might like to sip on a calming cup of tea. Yogi Bedtime Tea contains a soothing blend of herbs traditionally used for centuries to promote relaxation and sleep, as well as valerian and organic chamomile help calm occasional nervousness and restlessness. I wouldn’t recommend hot chocolate as a gift for someone who can’t sleep, because the caffeine and sugar may keep her awake longer. If you find a decaffeinated hot chocolate or cocoa mix, make sure it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar.

A Kindle to Distract People Who Can’t Sleep

We’re getting into the gifts for insomniacs that give them something to do when they can’t sleep – while leads me to the Kindle Paperwhite with built-in light and wi-fi. You can preload it, so it has an assortment of books and magazines for her to scroll through. Personally, I prefer books on tape because I can listen to them with my eyes closed. Actually, when I can’t sleep I listen to Tim Keller’s sermon podcasts – they’re awesome, but they do help with insomnia!

Using computers, iphones, tablets, or anything with a screen can interfere with sleep. A Kindle is different, because it doesn’t have a backlit computer screen. That’s why I included it on this list of gifts for insomniacs, and left other computer devices off.

Massage for a Partner With Insomnia

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Massage oil for sleep

If you’re sleeping beside your insomniac, give her a nice long massage the next time she can’t sleep. My husband makes me homemade gift certificates that are redeemable for hand, foot, and full body massages. We just use lotion, but the 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil is a very popular massage oil for both professional and unprofessional massages. I love the idea of homemade gift certificates for massage by my husband, especially since I don’t feel the need to return the massage when I redeem them. If your insomniac likes to be massaged by a professional registered massage therapist, give her the gift of two or three sessions.

Sessions With an Acupuncturist or Acupressure Therapist

In Acupuncture for Snoring, I described how acupuncture clears blockages and helps with overall health. I also mentioned acupressure therapy – which helps with sleep.  If your insomniac hasn’t tried acupressure or acupuncture, you might gift her with three sessions.

A related gift for insomniacs is to accompany them to the session. Most things are easier if we do them together, and an acupuncture or acupressure session might be intimidating to many people – especially since so many needles are involved!

Foot Warmer – One of the Best Gifts for Insomniacs

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Electric Foot Warmer

In my article on natural sleep remedies, I describe why warm feet help people who can’t sleep. This is why Serta’s Ultra Plush Triple Rib Electric Heated Foot Warmer is one of the best gifts for insomniacs. The foot warmer doesn’t heat the whole body, just the parts that help people who can’t sleep. Not only is this foot warmer made for two pairs of feet, it’s constructed from luxurious ultra plush fleece fabric that is exceptionally durable. A soft fiberfill center adds comfort to cushion tired, sleepless feet.

If nothing on this list of gifts for insomniacs tickled your fancy, you might find something on one of the other gift articles I’ve written….

And, as always, I welcome your thoughts below! If you have any gift tips for people who can’t sleep, I’d love to add them to this list.

One of the best gifts we can give is our time. If your insomniac is lonely – such as an elderly parent or isolated uncle – perhaps the best gift you can give is time spent together. Maybe not in the middle of the night, though :-)

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