Romantic Gifts for No Reason At All – Just to Show Love

Romantic Gifts for No Reason At All Just to Show Love
The most romantic time to give gifts that show love is when there’s no reason! Here are romantic gift ideas to show your love and appreciation to your partner or spouse.

First, a romantic quip for your card or love letter:

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.” ~ Claudia Ghandi.

Remember that one person’s romance is another’s “cheesy love quotation.” So, before you write love quips in your love letters, stop and think about your partner. Is she more practical than romantic? Show your love by telling her what she wants to hear, not what you think she should want to hear.

One of the most romantic gifts for no reason at all is a flower delivery. Don’t bring her flowers; have them delivered to her when she least expects it. The Peruvian Lilies bouquet pictured aren’t too expensive, and can be delivered within a day or two (depending on where you live).

Romantic Gifts That Show Love and Appreciation

One of the best ways to create a happy relationship is to build positive emotions in whenever you can – not just on anniversaries, birthdays, or special occasions! Positive emotion includes gratitude, happiness, inspiration, and curiosity.

The more positive emotions you experience with your sweetheart, the happier you’ll be together. And, positivity in your relationship helps you bounce back from arguments, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings faster.

Bringing more positive emotions into your relationship doesn’t have to involve material possessions! These romantic gift ideas that show love are about experiences, not stuff.

Plant love notes, photos, and cards in surprising places – my favorite romantic gift!

Before my best friend had chemotherapy treatments, she planned a trip to Maui with her family and close friends. My husband couldn’t go because of work commitments – but I couldn’t miss the trip! Before I left, I planted surprise notes all over our house: in the cereal box, his wallet, the medicine cabinet, his dresser drawers, the cat food bag. Each note said “I love you”, and expressed a different reason why I love him (for example, I love him because he’s so much fun to be goofy with! Sometimes it feels like we’re 12 years old).

Plan an un-birthday party, celebration, or dinner

For my 40th birthday, my husband got me no gift at all – not even a card! He didn’t forget; he just believed me when I said not to get me anything. He’d taken a week off work to take care of my friend’s kids while I took her to chemotherapy treatments, and I told him that would be my birthday gift. I thought it wouldn’t matter to me, but I was unexpectedly disappointed not to have a gift, card, or cake. We had a nice dinner that night (but it wasn’t the same as waking up to a present!).

How about planning an “unbirthday” present or surprise for your sweetie – even if your last birthday present was a hit? That’s a romantic gift for no reason at all, and it’ll show love without you having to say the words.

Take part in her favorite occasion

Is your sweetheart a Halloween junkie? Start looking for Halloween costume or party ideas right now, and surprise her with a mask, funky candle, or ceramic “trick or treat” pumpkin. Does she love love love the Christmas season or New Year’s Eve? Dig up a creative recipe, theme party idea, or table decoration. You don’t need to plan an entire event – just contribute to it somehow. Second-hand, vintage, and antique stores often have gorgeous items, books, and clothes. If you prefer new items, remember that the best time to buy seasonal trinkets or decorations is right after the holiday. So if she’s into Halloween, then buy a unique skeleton or cauldron in early November, when it’s on sale. You can do this any time of the year, and save your surprise for the right time.

See how a romantic gift that shows love doesn’t have to be dripping with romance? It just needs to be thoughtful.

Pick a natural battle to fight together

Joining forces to affect your environment gives you a common goal and unites you as a couple and/or family. And naturally, it’s good for the planet! This is a romantic gift for a reason: to make our earth happier and better for your kids. And, uniting to fight against something will make your love stronger.

Choose an eco-battle together, such as adopting a nearby park and doing a weekly “garbage march.” Or, designate a six block stretch on a busy street as “yours”, and pick up every piece of trash you see on a regular walk. You could plant a garden at home or in the community, focusing on organic fruits and veggies. Learn how to compost, and lighten the load in the landfills. Making lifestyle changes that affect your environment can change how you think about your world – and about each other.

Tickets to see a favorite author, guru, or celebrity

Hay House hosts week-long Caribbean Cruises with their top authors, such as Wayne Dyer and Cheryl Richardson. If your partner loves a certain author or celebrity, search the internet for that person’s schedule. This takes some long-term planning – for instance, if Rachel Naomi Remen (author of Kitchen Table Wisdom) ever spoke in Vancouver, I’d love to see her! This romantic gift will show love – but you need to plan in advance.

For more romantic gift ideas, read Best Birthday Gifts to Say I Love You – Not Flowers or Diamonds.

What’s the most romantic gift you ever got, for no reason at all? How do you show love? Comments welcome below…

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