Light Fragrances and Perfumes for Spring and Summer Birthdays

These light perfume fragrances make perfect gifts for spring and summer birthdays! Summer perfumes range from tea fragrances to guava scents, and contain fresh and floral scents that are perfect for gifts.

Here’s a quip to write in the summer birthday card – especially if your gift recipient is a gardener:

“All through the long winter, I dream of my garden. On the first day of spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth. I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar.” ~ Helen Hayes.

When you’re buying a perfume for a summer birthday – whether you’re giving to a gardener or not – find fragrances that are “energetic.” To me, this means light, citrus-y, floral, and pretty.

The Tea Rose Eau De Toilette for women by Perfumers Workshop is a great example of a light fragrance for a summer birthday. It’s a bestseller on Amazon. Pictured is the Jo Malone scent – which I describe just below…

Light, floral fragrances and perfumes are good birthday gifts for women who:

  • Like citrus, flower-y scents! I am not a fan of of floral perfume – I love musk, deep vanilla, and deep rich spicy perfumes. I do have a spring birthdate (March), but I don’t like light fragrances.
  • Wear perfume often. Remember that perfumes and fragrances do go bad, so there’s no point in spending a hundred bucks on a fragrance that’ll never be worn.
  • Enjoy scents such as rose, lily, magnolia, gardenia, cherry and orange blossoms, maple flowers, jasmine, peonies, sweet peas.

If you’ve received a floral perfume as a birthday gift and didn’t like it, let me know why in the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you.

On to the fragrances and perfumes for summer birthdays..

Feminine, Floral Scent – Donna Karan Gold

While researching fragrances for spring and summer birthday gifts, I found Fragrance, Food, and Spring Joys on the Bois de Jasmin blog. Mals and Victoria raved about Donna Karan Gold, saying that it’s a beautiful lily scent – and the EDP version is “more oriental, with a richer incense note.” I discovered that the scent changes after you spray it on. The fragrance lasts all day, yet it’s delicate, feminine, and pretty.

Tea Fragrance Blends – Jo Malone

Tea-based scents seem so natural, organic, and down-to-earth. Jo Malone’s  tea fragrances are perfect for summer birthdays because they include scents such as vanilla, chocolate, coconut, and other creamy scents (that’s the Sweet Milk fragrance). The lemon perfume fragrance has a hint of mint, which is perfect for summer or spring birthdays. Jo Malone also has a blue agava and cacao cologne spray, which is worth looking at. Malone is into “fragrance combining”, which means you can combine several fragrances to create special summer birthday scent.

Jo Malone’s website is in French, but the translation device at the top of the page often works (but not always!).

Wildbloom Spring and Summer Fragrance – Banana Republic

Here’s a huge assortment of springtime scents in one perfume: guava, pink grapefruit, patchouli, tonka, and sandalwood. And, this is the best review I’ve found on Banana Republic’s wildbloom scent: “Pear skin and kumquat round out the fruity top notes and Hawaiian pikake and blue orchid add to the sweet floral notes,” writes Melissa Magsaysay in the Vancouver Sun. Ugh – it seems far too sweet for me, but that’s what I think about chocolate bubble bath as a gift – and some women love that! The Banana Republic Jade is the most popular floral scent on Amazon, and gets five star reviews. It’s not as sweet as wildbloom.

The Beat Burberry Eau de Parfum Spray

Fresh, clean, light – it’s a light fragrance for a summer birthday! The Beat by Burberry has a light baby powder scent, which is a bit less cloying than the floral scent of summer perfumes (not that there’s anything wrong with floral fragrances!). Check out the reviews of this springtime and summer perfume on Amazon — go to Burberry The Beat Eau De Parfum Spray for Women.

If you didn’t find the right fragrance for a spring or summer birthday here, you might consider making soap! It’s easier than you think — read Homemade Soap is an Easy, Fun Gift.

If you need help finding the right gift for a spring or summer birthday, please comment below…you might find new ideas!


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