Online Copywriter Job Description – Writing SEO Content

In this online copywriter job description, a professional freelancer describes her work writing SEO (search engine optimized) content. Susan Greene is a successful self-employed writer. Here, she describes her job and offers a bit o’ career advice for aspiring freelancers.

“Learn to write content for websites and blogs,” says Orlando-based Greene. “SEO copywriting is where the work is. Writing books, magazine articles, even printed brochures is not lucrative these days, especially for beginning writers. But, the demand for online content is growing, particularly if you have an understanding of search engine optimization and internet marketing.”

How’s that for great career advice, right out of the starting gate?

Here is Greene’s job description, plus more job tips…

Online Copywriter Job Description – Writing SEO Content

“As a self-employed freelance copywriter, my primary responsibilities are working with clients to write copy for their marketing materials,” says Greene. “Those materials may include websites, brochures, press releases, ads, newsletters, blog posts and more.”

How Much Money Does an Online SEO Copywriter Make?

Greene says a copywriter’s wage or salary is like so many fields: it depends on the writer’s level of experience. “The more experienced you are, the bigger the clients you can attract,” she says. “And bigger clients tend to have bigger budgets.”

She adds that along with experience comes the confidence to charge higher rates. “For example, I see beginning copywriters offering to write search engine optimized website copy for $20-$50 per page,” she says. “More experienced freelancers, however, quote $200 on up to $1,000 per page.”

An online SEO copywriter who has talent, some experience, and aggressively markets her services can probably make $50,000 – $100,000 per year.  A copywriter with substantial experience and a solid client base should be able to earn six figures.

“In my case, in addition to the income I earn writing copy for clients, I also have a few products that bring in ongoing revenue,” says Greene. “I’ve written some college textbooks that continue to sell well, and I’ve recently begun marketing my 257 page ebook called Job Hunting in a Tough Economy.”

The Best Parts of Working as a Copywriter

“I enjoy the diversity,” she says. “I write for so many different clients that I’m constantly learning about new subjects. In recent weeks I’ve written marketing copy about air conditioning systems, aircraft components, Forex trading software, property management, cell phone tower installation, picture framing, dumpster rentals, the Paris subway system, and cable TV services. Each of those topics represents a specific client.  It’s time consuming to learn new areas, but I like the challenge!”

Greene also enjoys the freedom that comes with self-employment. She sets her own schedule and decides what clients and projects she wants to work on. She also controls her income, to a large degree. If she wants to earn more money, she puts in additional hours and rustles up more business. Or, she can get more selective about her clients and increase her rates.

The Downside of Writing Search Engine Optimized Content

“I dislike quoting jobs,” she says. “It can be difficult to predict how long a job will take and what its value is to the client.” Because Greene often becomes friends with her clients, she says she tends to under-price her copywriting services.

She also dislikes working with clients who have unrealistic expectations. “They think search engine optimized copywriting is a magic trick,” she says. “When you ask them questions about their product, they reply with one-word answers, yet they expect you to write an entire website on the subject! I’m happy to do my own research, but when it comes to specifics about a client’s product, I need input.  I sometimes have to remind my clients that I don’t read minds, and I only know as much as they tell me.”

The Biggest Surprise About Freelance Copywriting

Greene has clients all over the country and the world. This past year, she’s worked with companies in France, Hungary, the Dominican Republic, England, Qatar and Singapore, all of which needed something written in “American English.”

“They find me through an internet search,” she says. “I love that my target market is ‘the world.’”

Copywriter Career Tips

“The best way to become a good writer is to write,” says Greene. “Practice your craft. If you don’t yet have clients, write on topics that interest you. You can publish your writing on your own website or blog, or on article directories.”

She encourages aspiring freelance web writers to keep developing their skills – which can only be done by writing!

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Visit Susan Greene for more information. She recently wrote A Message to Freelance Copywriters Just Starting Out, which describes copywriting in more detail.

If you have any questions or thoughts about writing SEO content or working as an online copywriter, please comment below.

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    Susan has been an incredible inspiration to me during these past two years that I’ve started my own copywriting business. I didn’t even know what SEO was when I contacted Susan a few years ago. All I knew was that I was ready to start writing again. Her input and advice has helped me start my own successful career as a freelance copywriter. I love to hear about all the work she’s done and think…maybe I’ll get there someday too!

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    Beyond her superior skills as a copywriter, I think what sets Susan apart is her ability to connect with people. Let’s face it, when you’re a freelancer, you have to show prospects that you have the skills AND show them that you’re not going to be a pain to work with on a personal level. Susan has the skills and the attitude that attract clients and make her a dream to work with. Every copywriter can learn something from Susan by reading this article.

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