Gifts For Pipe Smokers and Tobacco Hobbyists

Finding the right gift for pipe smokers or tobacco hobbyists can be difficult, especially if you don’t encourage smoking! These ideas include gifts that recognize a pipe smoker’s hobby, but don’t necessarily involve smoking.

Although, some people believe smoking pipes can be beneficial…

“I believe pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” ~ Albert Einstein.

My Grandpa smoked a pipe and he was the most calm, interesting and wise man. Pipe tobacco, unlike the horrible smell produced by cigarettes, creates a much nicer, musky aroma. The smell will forever remind me of him,

One of the best gifts for pipe smokers or tobacco hobbyists is a “tobacco jar.” It usually has an inbuilt humidifier to keep the tobacco dry (also called a humidor). The best thing about this gift is you can choose a jar to reflect your tobacco hobbyist’s taste; it can be as simple or intricate as you think is appropriate.

The Elegant Glass Top Humidor allows your pipe smoker to see how much and what type of pipe tobacco he has. Or, consider a gorgeous hand painted antique tobacco jar.

Gift Ideas for the Pipe Smoker in Your Life

gift ideas for tobacconists Think about buying pipe related gifts for someone who:

  • Is fascinated with pipes, cigars, and tobacco.
  • Talks about pipes at every given chance.
  • Reads pipe literature.
  • Smells like pipe tobacco!

“Great cigars and pipes help us ruminate, decompress, gather our thoughts and emotions revitalize ourselves, and savor our time.” ~ Jorge Armenteros.

If your gift recipient doesn’t smoke but just collects pipe-related items, consider a Country Gentleman Corn Cob Pipe (pictured). It’ll look great amongst his other pipes, tobacco pouches, and humidors. 

Pipe Magazine Subscription

gifts for people who smoke pipesIf you’ve see your tobacco hobbyist browsing the rather niche pipe magazine selection looking for Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine or have seen The Pipe Smoker’s Tobacco Book resting on his coffee table, chances are he would enjoy some new reading.

Or – better still – gift him with a subscription to his favorite pipe magazine, such as Pipes and Tobaccos.

Or give him Confessions of a Pipeman … An Irreverent Guide for Today’s Pipe-Smoking Man – it’s all about who pipe smokers are, and who they should be.

Tobacco Samplers

Pipe related gifts are great if your smoker or tobacco hobbyist loves to talk about the intricacies of different pipes and tobacco. If he loves to talk about the types of tobacco, he may enjoy trying out one of these tobacco samplers from

Tobacco samplers are a great way for smokers to test out which ones they like the taste and smell of, and which they don’t.

If your pipe smoker is a woman, read 40th Birthday Gifts for Women – 20 Ideas She’ll Love. There aren’t pipe-related gifts in that article, but that’s okay. Maybe smoking pipes shouldn’t be encouraged.

Pipe Stand/Rack

gift ideas for tobacco hobbyistsGive your gift recipient a way to keep his or her prize pipe possessions on display — a Solid Walnut Tobacco Pipe Rack. No more losing or misplacing a pipe around the house!

Some pipe racks hold up to 12 pipes, which is a great gift for a pipe smoker. Some pipe stands include ashtrays, for the pipe smoker who likes to multi-task.

A pipe stand is a gift idea that doesn’t necessarily encourage tobacco hobbyists to smoke, but recognizes their love for pipes.

Pipe Tool Kit

A serious pipe smoker needs “tools of the trade” to keep his pipe clean and in good condition. This makes smoking tobacco much more enjoyable. The Vauen Briar Pipe Starter Kit includes Dr. Perl Filters, pipe cleaners, a tamper, and a leather case for storing it all.

You could always put together a collection of tools in your own box. You’d need a pipe tamper – and you could get specially designed pewter tampers with the top molded into objects such as Sherlock Holmes or Scottish Terrier. In your pipe took kit, you may also include a pipe reamer, pipe filters, and a pipe wind cap.

A Book About Smoking Pipes

If your pipe smoker or tobacco hobbyist is interested in learning about tobacco, pipes, and cigars — and you don’t want to encourage him to smoke — give him The Tobacconist Handbook: The Essential Guide to Cigars & Pipes.

There’s a reverence that many tobacco hobbyists feel about pipes and cigars:

“Great cigars and pipe tobaccos take years to grow, nurture, age, blend, and construct, yet their destiny is to return to dust; it is an extraordinary transformational and artistic journey that yields priceless moments and memories for the aficionado.” ~ from The Tobacconist Handbook by Jorge Armenteros.

You can tap into those philosophical feelings without lighting a fire in your gift recipient’s pipe…

Non-Tobacco Chew

If your intended gift recipient used to chew tobacco, why not give them an alternative that isn’t as bad for his health? sells tobacco chew made from mint instead of tobacco; it comes in Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Original and many other flavors.

Need more gift ideas? If you’re buying a gift for your grandpa, you’ll find more ideas in  Best Gifts for Grandparents – From History to Home Deliveries.

If you’re shopping for inexpensive gifts, read Budget Gift Ideas.

If you have any tips or thoughts on these gifts for pipe smokers and tobacco hobbyist, please comment below…

Written by Heather Welsh, an English writer and blogger currently based in Vancouver. Visit her blog at Central Reservation.

Gifts For Pipe Smokers


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