5 Types of Cremation Urns for Your Dog’s Ashes

Finding the right dog urn can help you grieve and heal after your dog dies. Here are several types of pet cremation urns for dog ashes, and a parable that explains why dog is man’s best friend.

Cremation Urns for Dogs Ashes

Pet Urn

The Funeral Heart Keepsake Pet Cremation Urn by Liliane can fit a small amount of the cremated remains and ashes of your dog. It’s handmade in brass, and is durable and easy to maintain.

Whether you get a large cremation urn for your dog’s ashes or a small pet memorial pendant that holds a wee amount – which I describe below – depends on your personality, lifestyle, and perspective on life and death. Some dog owners prefer to bury their dogs and not have a pet urn for the ashes, while others want to wear their dog’s memory close to their heart.

One of the most important things you can do is cope with guilty feelings after your pet dies – Dealing With Guilt When You Caused Your Pet’s Death may help. And here’s a parable that answers the “why is dog man’s best friend?” question, to help you understand the deep bond we have with our dogs. This parable helped inspire me to write about dog urns for your pet’s ashes.

Why is Dog is Man’s Best Friend? A Parable

When man first sinned against God, he was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. A great chasm separated him from all the other animals. Most animals accepted the separation, and some even felt safer even though man became a hunter of many of them.

The dog was the one animal that watched in distress as the chasm between him and man grew wider and deeper. Man began to recede into the distance. The dog circled anxiously, whining softly – and finally at the last possible moment he made a desperate leap across the chasm. His paws scrambled against the edge of the precipice.

Man reached down and grabbed the paws of the dog and held him. Ever since that day, dog has been man’s best friend. Perhaps God had a change of heart at the last moment and helped the dog with his leap, so man would have at least one devoted animal companion. Perhaps it is no accident that “dog” is God spelled backwards.

Many people are surprised at the grief and anxiety they feel after putting a dog to sleep. I believe it’s because our dogs love us so much they’d die for us. They really are our best friends: devoted, uncritical, unconditional in their love and focus. We have a unique and strong bond with our dogs, which is why it’s important to say good-bye with our hearts and souls.

5 Types of Cremation Urns for Your Dog’s Ashes

Here is a summary of different types of cremation urns for pets, based on an interview I did with Irina Jordon. She is the founder and owner of Artisurn, an online marketplace of artistic, creative handcrafted cremation urns for the ashes of humans, dogs, and other pets. The cremation urns for pets on Artisurn range from glass pendants to green burial vessels. The most unique type of dog urn is a pendant that holds your dog’s ashes, which is available from Artisurn or Amazon.

Traditional Urns for Cremation

dog cremation urns

Types of Cremation Urns for Your Dog’s Ashes

An Ebony Pewter Paws Pet Cremation Urn is similar to a traditional urn for ashes. The small pet urn for dogs can contain the ashes of a dog up to 30 pounds; the extra-large cremation urn contains the ashes of a dog up to 150 pounds.

Just to give you an idea of the scope of cremation urns – Individual Size Cremation Urns hold the ashes of one person. The Cremation Association of North America created an industry standard of 200 cubic inches, which equals about 6.8 pints. Individual urns vary from 110 to 220 cubic inches. Companion Cremation Urns can accommodate the cremated remains of two people, such as a husband and wife, and range in size from 300 to 400 cubic inches.

Sharing Cremation Urns are smaller, and are intended for sharing ashes among several different family members. Sharing urns come in a variety of sizes: small (up to 30 cubic inches), medium (up to 50 cubic inches), large (up to 70 cubic inches) and extra-large (up to 100 cubic inches). This urn can be used as a child or infant urn

Pet Urns for Dogs

Pet Urns for Dog Cremation

Pet Urns for Dogs

Dog Cremation Urns can come in a variety of sizes: small (up to 30 cubic inches), medium (up to 50 cubic inches), large (up to 70 cubic inches) and extra-large (up to 100 cubic inches).

Liliane’s Pet Funeral Urn is a beautiful memorial vessel for your dog’s ashes. This cremation urn is made of brass, but I’ve also seen them made of copper.

If a ready-made pet urn for your dog’s ashes doesn’t suit you, think about buying a cremation urn made by an artist. “Handcrafted memorial vessels have personalities, just like people,” says Irina. “Urns can be serious, playful, elegant, exuberant and much more. Memorial artisans pour their heart and soul into their cremation urns and pendants for both pets and humans – and it shows. It has been a rewarding experience for me to work with such a talented group of artisans who have spent years perfecting their craft.”

Keepsake Cremation Urns

Keepsake Cremation Urns for pets only a small portion of cremation ashes. A keepsake urns’ capacity varies from 3 cubic inches to 50 cubic inches. When an individual sized urn is used to place the ashes in their final location, keepsake urns are often used to keep a portion of the ashes close to home or given out for scattering.

Pendant Urns for Your Dog’s Ashes

pendant urn for dogs ashes

Cremation Pendant Urn for Your Dog’s Ashes

Cremation Jewelry Urns are the smallest size of urns. These urns are really just specially designed jewelry that have an inner chamber to hold a tiny portion of cremation ashes. They are a great alternative to traditional cremation urns. Ashes can also be incorporated into cremation jewelry by fusing it with class or ceramics.

The “Ever My Dog” Silver Paw Pendant Urn – Dog Tag Necklace is a more whimsical way to hold your dog’s memory close to your heart. Other pendant urns are most often heart or paw shaped, which are also lovely.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a ready-made pendant to serve as a dog cremation urn – you might visit an artisan’s website and have a unique pet urn created for your dog. “You can have your dog’s ashes fused with glass to create unique glass jewelry and keepsakes,” says Irina. “You can pour a tiny amount of ashes into an urn pendant and keep it close. Pick memorial pieces that ‘speak’ to you, and you will treasure them forever.”

Choosing a cremation urn can help you prepare for the loss of your pet and say good-bye to your dog. Death is part of our life cycle and as soon as we embrace it, we let go of our fears and have more enriching lives.

I welcome your thoughts on these types of cremation urns for your dog’s ashes, and invite you to share the story of your dog’s life. I can’t offer counseling or advice about your dog’s death, but writing about your experience can help you process your grief.

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