How to Understand Spiritual Energy

Part of living a spiritual life involves understanding spiritual energy versus physical energy. We are all spiritual beings inhabiting these physical bodies, yet many of us still rely solely on physical hard work and mental effort instead of utilizing the ease and lightness of spiritual energy to live our lives and accomplish goals.

How to Understand Spiritual EnergyPhysical energy uses movement and exertion to make things happen. A part of this is mental energy, which involves planning, thinking, and analyzing. We need physical and mental energy to schedule our lives, plan events, create physical objects and stay physically healthy. But there is a whole other aspect that most people are not consciously aware of – the power of spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy flows in and produces effects in the phenomenal world.” ~ William James

Spiritual energy is within, yet it transcends the body and mind. It exists at the core of everything on this planet and in the universe. With increased understanding of this energy, our spiritual life takes on a whole new meaning. To discover techniques to activate your energy body and energy centers, click on Robert Bruce’s book, Energy Work: The Secret of Healing and Spiritual Development. Read below for my tips to increase awareness of spiritual energy.

Understanding Spiritual Energy

With physical energy we use our body to make things happen; with spiritual energy we direct the flow of energy from a place of spirit. Play with these exercises to enhance your spiritual life.

Tune into your energy body. Within our physical body is an energy body. Close your eyes and bring all of your awareness into the center of your head, a few inches back from your forehead. Notice your breath, then the physical sensations of your body such as temperature and skin sensations. Then go deeper with your awareness – feel the tingling of subtle energy flowing through your legs, arms and whole body. Enjoy the aliveness of your spiritual energy.

Notice the energy within emotions. Emotions are vibrations of energy. What emotion is your body communicating right now? Feel for emotions such as boredom, sadness, anger, amusement, joy or enthusiasm. Notice the energetic vibration of the emotion in your body, then purposely raise or lower the vibration (from sadness up to anger, or enthusiasm down to joy) to feel the subtle difference. Let go of the emotion and notice the lighter soul energy underneath.

Become aware of your aura. Surrounding our physical body is an energy body called the aura. This is where we hold much of our information and beliefs; our aura filters what we see in the world and what people see when looking at us. Read the article on aura and energy boundaries as a way to become more aware of your aura.

Do daily tasks with spiritual ease. Hard work and effort produced results for generations before us, but now with the increased level of consciousness on the planet, spiritual ease is the most efficient way to work these days. In fact, struggle and effort create resistance which slows down productivity, whereas being in a state of non-resistance and ease allows intentions to manifest much more quickly. Whenever you feel yourself go into effort by trying to make something happen or pushing towards or against something, just relax, breath and take action from a state of spiritual ease.

Set intentions with spiritual energy. Every experience we have has an energy set to it. Our daily tasks can have the energy of ease and flow or be hurried and rushed. Encounters with others can have the energy of amusement and acceptance, or discord and struggle. As we become aware of the energy within us, at events, and between us and others, we can consciously set the energy we want through our intention. Before you begin a task, attend an event or get together with another person, decide what energy set you want it to have and set that intention. It helps to embody that energy through your attitude and emotions and bring it with you. If you notice your energy shifting in a direction you are not comfortable with (like matching a grumpy person you are with), just consciously choose to shift your vibration. You are in charge of your own spiritual energy.

For more information, read Laurie’s article – What is Energy Healing. And if you have any questions or experiences to share about spiritual energy please comment below.

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