How to Pray for Others and What to Pray For

Knowing how to pray for others and what to pray for can ease your heart and lift concerns from your shoulders. When someone we care about is struggling or hurting, it’s natural to pray for a solution. But if we remain in a state of worry or project images of helplessness onto our friends and family, we may do more harm than good. True prayer involves letting go of problems so Divine intervention can take place without interference.

Although there have been many scientific studies validating the healing effects of prayer, in the end, it comes down to faith and trust if we want to see miracles manifest in our loved one’s lives. Prayer has been an integral part of my life; I pray for myself, my family and friends, clients and the world at large. I’ve discovered over the years that how we pray isn’t as important as what we pray for, as our thoughts and words have power on their own. I’ve offered my tips on this topic below, and for an enlightening read by best selling author, Philip Yancey, check out his book,Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

But first, an amusing quote: “No one is a firmer believer in the power of prayer than the devil; not that he practices it, but he suffers from it.” ~ Guy H. King.

How to Pray for Others and What to Pray For

I have two tips on how to pray for others and two on what to pray for. I hope these help you to find comfort with your prayers.

Pray to the God of your heart. By the ‘God of your heart’ I mean whatever spiritual deity you resonate with. It may be Christ consciousness or God, Universal intelligence or Source, an Arch Angel or your loved one’s Guardian Angels or some other form of divinity. Connect to a spiritual source that feels comforting, loving and helpful. When I’m concerned about my cat being outdoors for a long period of time, I pray to his guardian angels to ensure he makes it home safely. Usually within minutes he comes meowing through the cat door.

Pray in a way that works for you. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I prayed while taking my dog for a walk late at night. Staring up at the expansive, sparkling sky helped me to feel a deep connection to the Creator. Now, I often pray with my eyes closed while meditating. Meditation merges me with my spiritual self and the source of all life. Whether you pray at your bedside before going to sleep, or while walking in nature, it doesn’t matter. Opening the line of communication to the God of your heart is what counts.

How to Pray for Others and What to Pray ForPray for your loved one’s highest good. This may sound obvious, but sometimes when we’re in fear for our loved ones, we may pray for a specific outcome that isn’t in their best interest. For example, if a family member who is struggling financially is about to lose his house, you may pray that the bank gives him a deal or that someone loans him money. In the short term this may make logical sense, but in the long term it may only further entrench poor financial habits. On a deeper spiritual level this family member may be trying to learn an important life lesson that can only be gleaned through struggle until he spiritually surrenders. Rather than praying for a specific outcome, pray for the best possible solution to occur, which may lead to a spiritual awakening.

Surrender your fears and concerns. There is power in our words and thoughts. Everything is energy, so the energy we emit when we pray goes to our loved ones as well as the God of our heart. If you view your loved one as a helpless victim, you are sending this picture and vibration to him or her. Surrender your fears and concerns to God first and then see past the surface appearance of your loved one’s problems and into the spiritual strength that lies within. Remember that each person is a spiritual being filled with all the inner resources to heal, grow and be happy. Pray that your loved one wakes up to their divinity so they can allow miracles into their life.

If you have any questions or other tips on how to pray for others and what to pray for, please comment below.

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