How Did You Find Your Passion?

This is your chance to share your passion with the world, connect with other people who are interested in the same things you are, and learn new things about yourself and whatever it is you love.

Come, tell me what you love to do! My mission is to feature people who are passionate about something in their lives. It doesn’t have to be a Grand Passion, or a purpose that is earth-shatteringly brave or amazing. It can be anything: cats, hats, bats, or tats.

Finding their passion is easy for some people. It just happens; they were born with an intense curiosity about something and all they want to do is dedicate their lives to exploring that thing.

Other people – like me – don’t have one true passion. We’re lost when people ask what they’ve dedicated their lives to, what they what they want to live for, and how they want to be remembered after they die.

I’m passionate about hiking in the forest with my dogs, writing, going to school, living life fully, and God (in no particular order!). But, I can’t figure out what career or purpose I’m passionate enough to dedicate my life to.

How did you find your passion? I want to take New Beginnings in a new direction, and feature people who are passionate about something in their lives. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge meaningful life purpose, calling, career, or anything “big.” It can be as simple as reading books by Jane Austen, or as complicated as serving God by working as a missionary in the Sudan.

Your passion might be writing, kids, or food. Your passion might be cars, or flying airplanes, or sailing the Pacific Ocean. Your passion might be collecting hats, volunteering at the SPCA, or teaching teens to play basketball. Chocolate! Red wine! Shoes.

I’m reminded of Diana Nyad, who is passionate about long distance swimming. I think of Oprah, who is (among many other things) passionate about encouraging people to find their life purpose. I remember Nelson Mandela, who was passionate about peace. I remember Antonia Puerta, a 22 year old athlete who died of a cardiac arrest while playing the sport he loved most: soccer.

Share Your Story

In the comments section below, briefly tell me what you’re passionate about. I’d love to interview you! I’ll send you a few questions about how you found your passion, and I’ll feature you in a blog post here on New Beginnings. I’ll include your blog links, books, services, or products. It’s fast and easy, simple and quick.

Here are my questions about finding your passion:
  • What is your passion(s), and when did you first realize it?
  • Do you ever get bored with your passion – how do you keep it alive?  Has your interest in it changed over the years?
  • Have you made a mistake with your passion? Has it ever gotten you into trouble, or put you in an uncomfortable position?
  • What would surprise people to learn about your passion? Are there any misconceptions or myths about it?
Here are two articles about people pursuing their passion:
That’s it! Simple, easy, and fun.
I want to share stories of finding one’s passion because our lives are too short to live without feeling alive, thrilled, scared, hopeful. My mission is to inspire and encourage readers to live passionate lives, and help us see that passion can be found in even the smallest of details in our lives.

The Alchemist is the book that gave me this idea. The boy in the book was searching for his Personal Legend, his passion, his reason for being. I want to find my passion, and I hope by exploring other people’s passions, I’ll be led closer to mine.

An example of a woman who found her passion is Ellen Nielsen, who is passionate about helping caregivers care for parents who have dementia.

If you have questions on how to find your passion, please feel free to ask below. I don’t promise to have any answers, but another reader might.

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