Hostess Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

These gift ideas for hostesses who are planning a Thanksgiving dinner range from luxurious (spa gift baskets) to practical (gourmet cocoa samplers).

thanksgiving hostess gifts

Hostess Gifts at Thanksgiving

Another gift idea for your hostess are wine charms, such as Set of 12 Land & Sea Wine Glass Charms. My mother-in-law gave me wine charms for Christmas last year – it’s a perfect gift idea for potlucks because it helps guests remember whose wine glass is whose.

Or, how about a bottle of dessert wine that complements the pumpkin pie and whipped cream?

“For pumpkin pie I suggest a dessert wine,” says wine connoisseur Derrick Cousins. “A good Sherry or even an Aussie Muscat would go well with pumpkin pie because of their rich, sweet, and nutty flavors.”

And here are a few more gift tips for hostesses on Thanksgiving…

Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Hostesses

We’ll start with a few lavish gifts, and work our way to the less expensive, more practical ones. I wasn’t serious when I mentioned the cappuccino machine – but it would make quite the extravagant hostess gift, wouldn’t it?

The best Thanksgiving hostess gifts do NOT involve food, my friends. Your hostess has her fill of turkey, potatoes, yam, stuffing, and pumpkin pie — so don’t give her a food gift basket, box of chocolates, or box of salty nuts!

Luxurious spa gift basket or gift certificates

What better gift idea for a hostess than an hour or a day of pampering? Give her a gift certificate to a day spa, or a spa gift basket. The Ultimate Spa and Bathing Luxury Gift Basket is full of luxurious goodness, and will help your hostess relax after a busy Thanksgiving weekend.

Speaking of gift certificates, why don’t you treat your hostess to a restaurant dinner? You don’t have to spend a lot of money; even a $25 gift certificate to a local Italian eatery can be a lovely gift idea.

Exotic tea, coffee, or hot chocolate sampler

Our last weekend guest brought us an exotic tea sampler — it wasn’t the Bentley’s Finest Teas Wood Grain Tea Chest, but it was close! It’s a perfect Thanksgiving gift idea because your hostess can break it open to serve her guests after dinner, or save it for when she’s alone.

A similar gift idea is Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa Mix. I’d prefer the hot chocolate sampler because I’ve received tons of tea gifts lately, but I’d cherish either.

Bouquet of bright fall flowers

FTD’s Autumn Splendor Bouquet by Vera Wang is a beautiful, luxurious way to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to a hostess who doesn’t want you to bring anything to Thanksgiving dinner. A bouquet of flowers can be the centerpiece of the table, or it can sit on the sidelines. Either way, it’ll brighten up your hostess’ home.

Or, anything that helps her know what to do with turkey leftovers might be helpful :-)

Christmas ornament – a sentimental gift idea for the upcoming holidays

If your hostess likes throwing Thanksgiving dinners, she’ll love the Christmas holidays. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show your gratitude and appreciation for dinner, by giving a gorgeous Christmas tree ornament. The Silver Annual Snowflake Ornament is from Waterford, and it fits any type of Christmas tree decoration: classic, modern, or retro – including Christmas in different countries and cultures!

Another Thanksgiving gift idea that will put your hostess in the Christmas spirit is a wreath. One of my closest friends gave me a Christmas Wreath a few years ago, and I hang it on our front door every year – and I think fondly of her every time! It was one of the best gifts she ever gave me.

Before you give this type of gift, make sure your hostess celebrates Christmas. If she’s around 40, read 40th Birthday Gifts for Women – 20 Ideas She’ll Love.

Does your hostess have a dog? Read Best Gifts for Dog Lovers for some creative gift ideas for people who love their pets.

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