Gifts From the Heart That Don’t Cost Much Money

Gifts From the Heart That Don’t Cost Much MoneyHeartfelt gifts are the best ways to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or special occasions because they don’t cost much money.

Gifts from the heart are sincere, thoughtful, and a fantastic way to show you care.

“It’s the thoughtful little details that create the biggest surprises,” says Frankie Picasso, author of Midlife Mojo: How to Get Through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your True Self. “For instance, finding a cherished childhood toy that was lost or never received in an antique store, or asking an artist to paint a portrait of a beloved pet. I asked a woodcarver to make me a totem pole that I designed for my husband. The pole contained a grizzly bear and his beloved guitar – his favorite things.”

Picasso stresses that gifts aren’t about us, they’re about our loved ones.

One of the most beautiful gift ideas on Amazon only costs $20, and combines hearts with flowers that last forever! Check out the Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Heart Pendant – it’s not the greatest gift for guys, but all women will love it.

Remember that the best gifts come from the heart – and the most meaningful ones are those that showed you were listening when people were talking.

Gifts such as …

A “Story of Us” journal, photo album, or scrapbook

Get a beautiful Tree of Life embossed leather journal, and start a record of your life together. Take taking turns contributing to an ongoing, interactive conversation in words, pictures, or poems. You don’t need to be a writer to do this – and the entries don’t need to be long love letters! You can write your hopes for the future, a one-sentence apology, poems, quips, or a thank you note. You could start making plans for your next vacation, house, or baby. You could have silly or serious discussions.

This isn’t just a heartfelt gift for people in love – it’s a great gift for parents/children, best friends, or even business partners in “touchy-feely” jobs. It’s a gift that symbolizes your relationship.

A tip to get your journal rolling: agree that each person can only have the journal for a specific amount of time (say, two or three weeks). This gives you time to add to the conversation without letting too much time pass. Soon, jotting an entry in the “Story of Us” will be an easy, fun habit. And can you imagine how cool it’ll be to read your journal after one, five, or ten years?

An evening out…with someone else!

If your partner is an introvert who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight at birthday parties, plan a surprise get-together with a loved one or someone she likes but doesn’t know well.

Monica Day, founder of The Sensual Life, says, “Encourage a get together with a friend she rarely gets to spend time with, or someone she admires and would like to know better. Plan a dinner, movie, or concert – and make sure it’s on your dime!”

Does a dinner or concert seem like a gift that costs too much money, or is too ho-hum? Find a free event – many cities have free concerts and library readings. Or, look for new places for a hike or walk, and gift your loved one with directions and descriptions. The idea of this “gift from the heart” is to give your loved one an adventure — an experience!

If you need a heartfelt gift for someone who is sick, read Gifts for People With Cancer – Beyond “Get Well Soon.”

Shout your love to the world wide web

Creating a new website takes less than five minutes – and it can be a romantic, interactive way to show your love.

“Build a webpage with special content and pictures, and share it with his friends and family members, so they can comment on it and add their own stories and memories,” says Kathleen McFall, who wrote The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Darkly Romantic Mystery with her husband, Clark Hays. They’ve been married for 11 years, and decided early on that “normal” gifts were unsatisfying and expensive. They’re both writers, and often weave writing into their expressions of love

The gift of time

What does your loved one least like to do? Take over his household chore or responsibilities for a month or more. One of my friends irons all her family’s clothes, bedding, and miscellaneous – and she does not love that chore! Her husband would score big brownie points if he took over the ironing for a month; it really is a heartfelt gift that doesn’t cost money. Or, he could hire someone to do the housework or take care of other chores, such as detailing the car, weeding the garden, painting the fence, or chauffeuring the kids to hockey practice.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone going through a divorce or broken relationship, read Thoughtful Gifts to Give Someone Going Through a Breakup.

What’s the best gift from the heart you ever received? I welcome your comments below…

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