Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpas – Not Neckties or Mugs!

Father's Day Gifts for GrandpasFind the best Father’s Day gifts for Grandpas here! These ideas go beyond neckties and coffee mugs, encouraging you to dive into the heart of what makes your Grandfather tick.

“Grandfathers are just antique little boys.”  ~ Author Unknown.

This Father’s Day, should you take your “boy” gift ideas (eg, scooters and video games) and tweak them until they become “grandpa” gifts (eg, scooters and video games)?

It depends on your grandpa’s age, lifestyle, and hobbies. He might be happier with a nice, quiet Grandpa and Me picture frame that will keep his life calm and peaceful.

Here are a few more gift ideas for grandfathers on Father’s Day…

Father’s Day Gifts for Grandpa

Ties and mugs are the typical gifts given to grandparents – they’re practical and useful, but a bit ho-hum! And, they don’t require much thought or effort.

When buying a Father’s Day gift for grandpa, don’t rush into purchasing just any old thing. Instead, think of the types of things your grandfather truly enjoys, and try to incorporate that into what you get for him. What are his habits and hobbies?

If he isn’t very mobile, he might enjoy a Kindle or Nook (read the Best eReader Gifts for tips). If he’s a dog owner, he might like the best gifts for dog lovers. Or, he might enjoy some of these gift ideas for Father’s Day…

Personalized Picture Calendar

gift ideas for granddad father's dayWho doesn’t use a calendar? Creating a personalized calendar for Father’s Day is easier than it looks: you need only gather at least 12 pictures of your grandpa, you, and other family members, and submit them to one of many online photo sites.

personalized photo calendar is an impressive gift for grandfathers, because many aren’t as tech savvy as their grandchildren. They’ll love this calendar!

A Parking Spot for the World’s Greatest Grandpa

Whether your grandfather parks in his garage, on the street, or in a parking complex, he’ll love a Metal Parking Sign – World’s Greatest Grandpa! Claiming your territory is a fun, easy way to be a kid again.

Games – and the Gift of Your Time

In the Best Board Games for Word Lovers, we describe the funnest, most popular games for families. Why not buy your grandpa a game for Father’s Day, and gift him with a standing date to play together? You could play every week or every month – it could be “your” time.

Spending time with grandparents is by far the best gift you could give them.

Scotch, Port, or Wine Decanter and Glasses

gifts for grandpaIf your grandfather enjoys a sip of wine here and there, this is a gift idea he’ll enjoy — and one he won’t expect from you! Perhaps you and he could enjoy a wee sip ‘o wine or port while you play your board game, cards, or even just sit and chat.

If your grandpa is a seasoned or sophisticated brandy-sipper, he might really enjoy a Port Wine Decanter Set.

Engraved Photo Album or Digital Photo Frame

As we know, pictures are memories that will last a life time. Purchase a photo album and have it engraved with a loving and meaningful quote.

Then, rummage through old pictures and compile a bunch of different pictures into the photo album. Try to include pictures of all the people in your family, so your grandfather is reminded of all the people in his life who truly love him.

A Digital Photo Frame is another great Father’s Day gift for grandpas – but don’t forget to pre-load it with pictures of you, him, and family members.  Or, you could surprise him with photos from his past cars, houses, workplaces, animals, vacations.

Chess Set

If you know your grandfather enjoys a good game of chess, buying him Royal 30 European Wood International Chess Set will be sure to excite him. Not only is this a good gift idea for a grandfather who loves chess, it is also a good opportunity for you to spend more time with him. Make time out of busy schedules and hectic days to have a game of chess with your grandfather at least once a week. Not only will he gain a new gift, he will be able to spend more quality time with his grandchild(ren).

If none of these gift options seem like something your grandfather would enjoy, there are plenty of other gift giving ideas available. The best way to purchase the ultimate gift that grandpa will appreciate and enjoy is to make sure the gift purchased has something to do with an interest or hobby of his.

When celebrating Fathers Day, you want to show your Grandpa you care about and appreciate him…and the best way to do that is to figure out who he is and what he enjoys doing.

If your grandfather smokes pipes, read  Gifts for Pipe Smokers and Tobacco Hobbyists.

What’s the best gift you’ve given your Grandpa on Father’s Day? Comments welcome below…

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