75 Ways to Cope With Pet Loss

loss of a pet ebook

coping with pet lossAre you crushed because of your pet’s death? Imagine living in peace and acceptance, without pain or agony. Here’s how to cope with losing a pet, make sense of your pet’s death and heal the pain you’re feeling.

I know how terrible it is to lose dogs and cats. I’ve had to say good-bye to several pets, and my heart and soul were heavy because of it. But, I know my lost pets are with me in spirit and soul – and I truly believe they’re in a better place.

Our lost pets aren’t suffering anymore. They’re not in pain, and I believe they don’t want us to be in pain, either. Our lost dogs and cats are keeping an eye on us now…just like they did when they were here with us, waiting and hoping for treats! I still feel the presence of the pets I loved most: Jazz, Zoey, Fluffy, Frisky, and Pretzel. It wasn’t easy to lose them, but I have given my heart to the dogs and cat that I love dearly now. With great love, comes great grief.

My ebook on coping with losing a pet will help you find hope, comfort, and healing in the midst of your grief.

pet loss ebookI’m Laurie: I wrote Letting Go of an Animal You Love: 75 Ways to Survive Pet Loss because I was having trouble coping with losing my dog Jazz. I also wrote it because my articles on putting a dog to sleep are my most popular – and so are my articles about dealing with guilty feelings after a pet’s death. My university degrees are in Psychology and Education, and I’m working on my Master’s of Social Work (MSW) at the University of British Columbia.

These tips for coping with pet loss, guilt, pain, and grief aren’t just from my own experience. They’re from pet owners, veterinarians, and animal experts who can help you heal after a pet’s death.

In this ebook, you’ll meet 45 people who lost their pets. You’ll feel comforted and supported as you learn how they survived the deaths of their beloved animals. You’ll also read tips and strategies on how to cope with losing a pet from veterinarians, grief experts, and even a pet psychic! Her beliefs on what happens after a pet’s soul after death are both fascinating and comforting.

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coping surviving with pet loss ebook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

1.1 “Why Does it Hurt So Much?” 5 Reasons Pet Loss is Heartbreaking

1.2 “What is Normal Grieving?” 5 Insights Into the Mourning Process

1.3 “How Do I Stop the Pain?” 5 Tips for Easing the Heartache

1.4 “They Don’t Get It” 5 Ways to Respond to People Who Minimize the Loss

1.5 “Is Keeping My Pet’s Fur Weird?” 5 Unusual Ways to Cope With Pet Loss


Chapter 2

2.1 “Was Euthanasia the Right Decision?” ~ 5 Ways to Cope With Regret

2.2 “Could I Have Prevented Death?” ~ 5 Ways to Deal With Guilty Feelings About Your Pet’s Death

2.3 “I Caused My Pet’s Death” ~ 5 Ways to Deal With Extreme Guilt

2.4 “I Didn’t Have a Chance to Say Good-bye” 5 Ways to Deal With Sudden Death

2.5 “I Feel Like I’ll Never Heal or Be Happy” ~ 5 Ways to Survive Depression


Chapter 3

3.1 “What Happens After We Die?” 5 Spiritual Ways to Cope With Pet Loss

3.2 “How Do I Help My Child?” 5 Ways to Help Kids Understand

3.3 “Do Dogs Cry?” 5 Tips for Helping Other Pets Cope With a Pet’s Death

3.4 “What’s the Best Way to Remember?” 5 Types of Pet Memorials

3.5 “I’m Ready for a New Leash” 5 Tips for Welcoming a New Pet Home


Get Letting Go of an Animal You Love: 75 Ways to Survive Pet Loss

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I welcome your thoughts on coping with pet loss in the comments section below, but I can’t give you advice. The best way to work through your feelings of loss and grief is to learn how others did it — which is why I wrote this ebook on letting go of an animal you love!

4 Responses

  1. Evangelin Brady says:

    I’m with you. I just put my cocker spaniel down on Monday and I had her for 16 years! Words cannot describe the guilt, regret and void that I have. My home feels so empty now but I don’t think I can go through this with another dog.

  2. Mari squire says:

    My shitzu is 15 !! My dog is having a lot of bad days! But it is winter! I had too many folks die in these months. I have to wait for spring!
    He has huge bathroom problems! But he given me too many great years!
    I don’t want any more dogs! It too hard! I never had a dog this long!

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