Are You Happier as a Working Mom or a Stay-at-Home Mom? – Dr Laura Schlessinger

If you’re lucky enough to decide if you’d rather work outside the home for a paycheck or be at home with your kids full-time, I’m curious to know what makes you happier! Are working mothers healthier and happier or more stressed than stay-at-home moms? It may depend on who you ask….
If you ask talk show host, best-selling author and moral compass Dr Laura Schlessinger — author of In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms — she’ll laugh hysterically. Of course […]

How to be a Novelist – A Published Author Describes Her Job

To learn how to be a novelist, read this job description of a published author. This novelist, who written over 30 books, offers career tips — such as the fact that don’t just write books, they have to promote and sell them, too.
“Be bold and believe in yourself,” says Curtiss Ann Matlock, who has written over 30 books. “Follow your own way and listen to your own heart before the advice of other people.
Although, a few career tips never hurt anyone — […]

8 Smart Ways Women Can Save Money – Suze Orman

If you’re a woman who craves financial independence, don’t miss these smart ways to save money! They’re inspired by financial goddess Suze Orman, who says she’s the only woman who has written more books than she’s written.
Here’s what she says about saving money for your future:
“We need to give [women] more of an incentive to work, to save, to invest, to create a true future for themselves.” ~ Suze Orman
Are you motivated to create a financially secure future — one that doesn’t revolve around a man? […]

Living With Diabetes for Women – Mary Tyler Moore

These six tips for living with diabetes, a chronic illness that affects almost every part of a woman’s body, are inspired by Mary Tyler Moore’s experience. She was diagnosed with diabetes thirty years ago, and says that learning to live with this disease is a process – not a one-time event.
“When I speak to those who are newly diagnosed, I encourage them to work with what they have – not against those things,” says Mary Tyler Moore. “You have to give up […]

What is the Mediterranean Diet? Food That Fights Chronic Illness

mediterranean diet fighting chronic illness
Maybe you don’t know what the Mediterranean diet is – or maybe you’re ready to eat food that fights chronic illness! Either way, check out these research studies that reveal how the Mediterranean diet reduces the effects of disease and increases longevity.
The Mediterranean diet is characterised by the consumption of fruit, vegetables, and legumes or pulses (beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils etc.), fish, olive oil and nuts. Research […]

Animal Ministry Career – What Does a Pet Loss Chaplain Do?

Animal Chaplain, Sid Korpi

An animal ministry career is unique and fulfilling! Learn what a pet loss chaplain does in this job description. If you’re thinking about a career that involves pets – dog training, animal rescue, or veterinary jobs – you can’t miss this career profile.
“I offer in-person or online grief support, and post stories and pictures of pets who have passed away on my blog’s memorial page,” says pet loss or animal chaplain Sid Korpi. “Much of what I offer I do so free of charge.”
Korpi works with people […]

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