Where to Work Overseas

You want to find a job overseas, but where do you work? What country, city, region, neighborhood? These tips on where to work overseas are based on my experience living in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa for three years.
On my article about finding a job abroad, a reader asked a few excellent questions about where to work overseas. She asked about jobs in Africa, but these tips apply to people who want to work anywhere in the world.
If you have any questions on where to work overseas, please ask below. […]

Should I Be a Nurse? What You Need to Know About Pediatric Nursing

Asking “Should I be a nurse?” is only step one! The second step is figuring out what kind of nurse you should be. Here’s what you need to know about pediatric nursing: job description, career tips, and the best and worse of working as a nurse in the children’s ward of a hospital in London.
Alison, aged 37, is a Senior Pediatric Staff Nurse on Starlight Ward, Homerton University Hospital, Hackney, London. She says, “It’s the best job in the world and I love it.”
Alison retrained as a Pediatric Nurse in […]

Job Description – Business Intelligence Reporting

business intelligence job descriptionBusiness intelligence reporting is about analyzing businesses and revealing how a company is performing. This job description is from a business analyst whose reports reveal industry trends, identify losses, and improve a company’s bottom line – which is why business analysts are in high demand!
“There is a tremendous need for people in this field, even in the recession,” says Robert Pezzulo, owner of Power My Technology. “So, a business analyst’s salary can be well over $100,000 […]

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