Best Birthday Gifts to Say I Love You – Not Flowers or Diamonds

Best Birthday Gifts to Say I Love You Not Flowers or DiamondsThe best birthday gifts that say “I love you” are experiences – not flowers, diamonds, or junk (though it depends on what you do with your junk!).

Before the gift tips, here’s a quip to put in the birthday card:

“Let us now set forth one of the fundamental truths about marriage: the wife is in charge.” ~ Bill Cosby.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true! And, another truth about couples is that they sometimes need to spice up their love lives. XXXopoly – Adult Board Games is a great birthday gift that will bring you close together in more ways than one. Read the customer reviews on Amazon – it’s a 5 star birthday gift for couples.

And, read on for several romantic birthday presents…

Best Birthday Gifts That Say “I Love You”

Don’t buy diamonds, jewelry, clothes, or even flowers for your partner – those aren’t even close to the best ways to say I love you!

Instead, get a birthday gift that focuses on experiences that you can have together.

The best, most romantic gift ideas are those that you can cherish and talk about for a long time afterwards – which you can’t do with a diamond ring or flowers. When my husband and I talk about the great (and not so great) times we’ve had in Hawaii, Costa Rica, or even here in Vancouver, we feel romantic and happy. Our relationship gets stronger, and we’re reminded of our love and commitment.

Tickets to anything – with open, adventurous minds

For my 41st birthday, my husband took me out for an expensive dinner – The Salmon House in West Vancouver. But even better was the play we saw afterward! He took me to the East Vancouver Cultural Centre; we saw a play called “How the West Was One.” The best part was that it as put on by an artsy and talented lesbian organization; most of the audience (who were mostly gay chicks) was dressed in cowboy and sheriff gear! Just looking at the costumes was hilarious – and the play was funny and enchanting.

Look into seasonal tickets to the opera, ballet, symphony, or sports games. Buying tickets for future events is a great way to say “I love you”, and it shows that you want to spend time with your partner.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive dinner theater tickets, the Cirque de Soleil, concerts, etc. Go for the $20 tickets at a local school, community center, or theatre – and enjoy yourselves no matter what you see and hear!

A day trip – or a two week vacation

For my 40th birthday, my husband booked a ticket from Vancouver to Victoria – on the seaplane! He bought two tickets on Harbour Air and booked two nights at the Sylvia Hotel in Victoria (I think it was called the Sylvia – though I know we have a Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver so maybe I’m getting mixed up). It was so much fun – that was the best, most romantic birthday gift he’s ever given me.

If you can’t book a vacation or weekend getaway right now, give your partner the vacation brochures, books, or trinkets that represent the future holiday.

Tackle a new or abandoned hobby together

Is your partner into yoga? Running? Sailing? Reading? Writing? Baking? Money-making? Kids? What about you – what hobby did you love and leave? Sign up for it again, get the supplies to start it up, or take classes that will help you relearn and remember your old skills.

Or, give your lover a gift certificate for dance, cooking, or painting lessons — with the promise that you’ll go, too.

Volunteer at an event together

We’re volunteering at a play at the Pacific Theatre in Vancouver (The Great Divorce), and saving $33 per ticket plus tax. We’ve also volunteered at kids’ school carnivals, church events, and at Van Dusen Gardens.

Many nonprofit organizations would love to have a couple volunteer together. I’ve just emailed the organizers of the Vancouver Jazz Festival, to see if we can help out with the concerts around town. This isn’t a birthday gift for my husband – it’s an experience that says I love you to our city, to our fellow Vancouverites and welcomes our tourists.

Ask each other fun, deep, interesting questions

Sure, you think you know your partner…but the best birthday gift you can give, that really shows your love, is the gift of time and conversation.

Ask each other fun questions, such as:

  • What is the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has happened to us – a time when we laughed later (or during)?
  • What was our worst experience as a couple? Our best?
  • What was the best gift I’ve given you, that said I love you?
  • When did you feel closest to me?
  • If walls could talk, what would ours say?
  • If we had two days alone together, how should we spend them?  Why?
  • If you could change anything about the way I treat you, what would it be?
  • What’s our biggest source of stress? How can we cope with it better?
  • What are the five things you love most about me?

Crack open a bottle of wine (if your lover is a oenophile, read Gifts for Wine Lovers – From Sleek Corkscrews to Wine Bibles), settle down on the couch, and spend a couple hours just talking. Remember when you used to do that, when you first started dating? One of the best birthday gifts that says “I love you” is conversation. “Especially for women,” says my husband.

One final birthday gift tip that says I love you…

Keep remembering and talking about your good memories together! Make it a habit to bring up the fun experiences you’ve had, and talk about why they’re so important to you. This doesn’t just make you feel good about life and love, it helps keep your relationship fresh and strong.

And what about flowers — is a floral bouquet the best way to express your love on your partner’s birthday? Read Are Flower Bouquets Boring or Brilliant Gifts? 4 Signs.

If you have any questions or thoughts on these birthday gift ideas that express love, I welcome you below!

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