5 Mindful Ways to Get Enough Money – Mignon McLaughlin

These mindful ways to get enough money will help create financial security, independence, and even prosperity. These “mindfulness and money” tips for women are inspired by Mignon McLaughlin; they’ll change how you think about money!

“Too much money is as demoralizing as too little, and there’s no such thing as exactly enough.”  ~ Mignon McLaughlin.

I’m hoping there is such a thing as “exactly enough money” — because that’s what this blog post is all about! For instance, if I make my mortgage payment every month, then I have enough money. (The devil on my shoulder whispers, But what if that’s not enough? What if you’re never financially satisfied? And I say Shush shush SHUSH!!).

If you want to create financial abundance, read The Money Coach’s Guide to Your First Million: 7 Smart Habits to Building the Wealth of Your Dreams. And, here are five ways to apply mindfulness to your life, so you get enough money. Be a financially independent woman, be empowered and secure.

5 Mindful Ways to Get Enough Money

Financial independence and security isn’t just about getting enough money — but having enough money does put our minds at ease! These money tips for women aren’t just about achieving financial goals, they’re about creating a better relationship with money through mindfulness.

1. Pick two or three money “mentors.” Who do you admire and respect because of their money management skills? Pick at least two money mentors (women who have succeeded financially, even if that “just” means saving $10,000 for a car or down payment on a house). Spend time with them. Pick a money mentor you can rub shoulders with in person, and a money mentor you can learn from online, on TV, or on the radio (Suze Orman, for example).

2. Ride the financial ups and downs with “mindfulness.” Getting enough money — enjoying financial independence — is about riding the financial roller coaster of debt, income, and household bills without losing sight of the big picture. Instead of letting a financial upset (eg, an unexpected car repair bill) throw you off course, stay focused on how wonderful it will feel to be financially secure. This is being mindful!

3. Learn about your money personality. Do you think you don’t know how to handle the bill payments, financial investments, or wealth accumulation?  Negative money beliefs will stop you from getting enough money. To be more mindful about your money, figure out your money personality – which often comes from your childhood. For example, women may spend more money than necessary because of childhood experiences. If you’re addicted to shopping, remember Mignon McLaughlin’s words: “Money is much more exciting than anything it buys.” Avoid the trap of shopping, consumerism, and emotional spending.

4. Put your money personality to work for you. It’s easier to break bad money habits when you know what comes naturally for you. For instance, some women love to invest in the stock market, while others need to stop emotional spending. Some women need to focus on their household budget, while others are more comfortable pinching pennies (like me!). To apply mindfulness to your money situation, focus on what comes naturally. Delegate other money management tasks to your partner, reliable family member, or financial advisor.

5. Be mindful literally: visualize getting enough money. What does “getting enough money” mean to you? Do you want to pay your mortgage, or start saving for a summer cottage at the lake? Maybe you want to start your own business, or save enough money to be financially independent. Use the law of attraction: visualize what your ideal financial life looks like and stay focused. Using mindfulness to get enough money is especially effective when when you discuss your money goals with your partner, family members, and friends. Talking about your goals can make them more real and tangible. And, talking can keep you accountable!

But, don’t let money rule your life! “When you let money speak for you, it drowns out anything else you meant to say,” said Mignon McLaughlin. Make sure you control your money — don’t let it control you.

If you think you’re interested in a money career, read How to Know if You Should Become a Financial Advisor.

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