15 Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

These birthday present ideas for your wife symbolize the things you love about her, to make shopping for quick and easy. These presents include a variety of ideas that represent a wide range of personalities and lifestyles – from hobby chef to writer to adventure traveler – which will help you buy the perfect gift for your wife.

birthday present ideas for wife

Pearls – A Birthday Present for Your Wife

One of my favorite birthday present ideas for a wife is the Handpicked Ultra-Luster White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace. Why? Because it can be worn in several different ways – not just the way it’s shown in the picture. This pearl necklace is unique because it’s a versatile infinity rope design, which will allow your wife to be as creative as she wants. The necklace looks amazing alone, or combined with other necklaces. It’s approximately 82 inches long, and can be draped around her neck up to four times. The necklace comes with an assortment of draping ideas, to help your wife glamor up her outfit – whether she’s going to work or out for a lovely birthday dinner with you.

Ideas for Birthday Presents for Your Wife

I included a wide variety of birthday present ideas for a wife, to give you an idea of how many options you have.

Leather Journal for Writing

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

Leather Journal – Birthday Present Idea for Wife

The best birthday present idea for your wife is something that helps her achieve her goals — or find her passion. That’s why I’m leading with this Chestnut Pocket Journal With Handmade Paper.  It’s small, so it fits in a purse – and it can be easily tucked away for privacy. It’s the perfect place for your wife to reflect on her past and plan her future. I’d pair this birthday present with The Artist’s Way Starter Kit, which features Julia Cameron’s books on creativity and inspiration. If your wife is creative in any way, she will love this birthday idea for a present. If you don’t know anything about your wife’s creativity – or if you know she’s lost it along the way – give her this present. She will love you for it. Also – give her the gift of time to write in her journal. A Starbucks Gift Card is the icing on the birthday cake for this gift idea – with the caveat that she only uses the gift card when she’s reading The Artist’s Way and writing her Morning Pages.

An Elegant Watch – A Birthday Present for Wives Who Love to Wear Watches

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

Birthday Present Watch for Wife

The Citizen Women’s Regent Gold Tone Diamond-Accented Watch is accented with dazzling diamonds on the bezel and dial of this gold-tone Citizen watch. The watch is fueled with natural or indoor light, and has Japanese Quartz movement with an analog display. The dial window has a protective anti-reflective sapphire crystal covering, and the watch features second hand, luminosity, date window, eight diamonds on dial, and 20 diamonds on bezel. It’s water resistant to 330 feet – but your wife shouldn’t dive while wearing this birthday present. A birthday watch is always a good idea for a present for a wife because watches are accessories. Many women like to wear one type of watch when they go out for dinner, another for work, another for working out or recreational sports, yet another for running errands or shopping, etc.

Lessons for Your Wife’s Hobby or Passion

Me, I’d love a gift certificate for music lessons. I’ve been playing the flute for a couple of years, and could really use a professional’s help with my intonations, music reading, and overall musical ability. Does your wife want to learn how to play an instrument, take voice lessons, improve an existing talent or hobby or sport? Give her lessons and time to purse her passion.

We’ll continue your online shopping expedition with a variation of the two most popular birthday present ideas on my 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women article: silk pajamas and the yellow gold diamond sun pendant. The pajamas are a good birthday present for a wife if you’re also giving her something a bit more meaningful. The diamond sun necklace is a great birthday present idea if your wife loves jewelry. Or, you could ramp it up a notch and check out this elegant gold and diamond watch.

Office Treadmill Desk – A Unique Birthday Present Idea for Your Wife

Ideas for Birthday Presents for Your Wife

Treadmill Desk – Birthday Gift Idea for Wife

The LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk is my number one choice as a birthday present idea! For me, anyway. Your wife might not appreciate the suggestion that she isn’t getting enough exercise. As a writer, I sit all day – and my rear end isn’t getting any small because of it. If your wife has an office job – or she works somewhere that forces her to sit alot – find out if she would like an office treadmill. It’s definitely not a gift all women would appreciate, but some women would be head over heels for it. I know I would.

Housecleaning Services – One of the Best Ideas for a Birthday Present

I’m a wife, and I would love six months of housecleaning services for my birthday! I know not all women would appreciate this gift – some women are more enchanted by jewelry such as tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, or digital e-readers. Not me. I’d much rather have a practical gift – but not stuff like vacuum cleaners, food processors, or candle gift sets. Or books, even though I love to read. Would your wife appreciate six months of housecleaning services from a paid cleaner?

Here’s another practical idea for a birthday present: if your wife has recently been diagnosed with cancer, read 17 Gift Ideas for Women After Mastectomy Surgery.

Kindle Fire

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

Kindle Birthday Present for Wife

The Kindle Fire HDX 7″ With Wi-Fi, 16 GB that includes Special Offers is a fantastic idea for a birthday present for your wife, especially if she doesn’t already have a digital or electronic reader. Kindles are fun to play with, and you can load your wife’s Kindle with a variety of books, magazines, online newspapers, etc. If your wife already has a Kindle, consider a tablet made by Apple, Samsung, etc. Gifts that involve technology can be good presents for wives, especially if the idea includes your help installing the best and most appropriate apps and widgets. Digital tablets can be good ideas for birthday presents because they’re both practical and meaningful.

KitchenAid Mixer – A Birthday Present for Wives Who Love to Cook

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

Mixer for Wives Who Love to Cook

Some women think a birthday gift such as the KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer With Pouring Shield is a perfect idea for a present, while others think it’s a horrible gift. Is a kitchen tool a good idea for your wife’s birthday present? It depends on your wife’s lifestyle and hobbies. If she loves to cook but can’t afford a good mixer, then a KitchenAid product is a good birthday gift idea. But if she’s like me and can’t stand clutter and only cooks to put food in the belly, then don’t buy your wife this present for her birthday.

Think back to the birthday gifts you’ve given her in the past. Which gifts is she still using, wearing, or raving about? Which birthday presents have you lost track off because they’re gathering dust in the closet or attic?

Women’s Silk Pajamas – A Luxurious Birthday Present Idea for a Wife

birthday presents for wives

Silk Pajamas Gift Set for Wife’s Birthday

The Women’s Silk Pajamas Luxury PJs Gift Set are one of the most popular presents on my article about women’s birthday gift ideas. Silk pajamas are a good gift for birthdays that aren’t extra special milestones, such as a 30th, 40th, 50th, and so on. This is a good present for women who have trouble sleeping or who love to pamper themselves, especially if you include a bubble bath, soap, and spa gift basket.

The reason silk pajamas are one of the most popular birthday present ideas is because they feel luxurious on a woman’s skin. They are comfortable and beautiful, and allow husbands to pamper their wives even when the husbands aren’t around. It’s one of the gifts that keep on giving.

A Makeover for Your Wife

This isn’t my first choice or even my most creative birthday present idea for your wife, but it may be just what she needs! A hair, clothes, and cosmetic makeover is something many women dream of. Sometimes women don’t have the knowledge or energy to figure out what hairstyle or fashion looks best on them, and would really appreciate guidance from a makeover stylist. Be careful with this idea for your wife’s birthday present, though. She may be offended, and think you’re criticizing the way she looks. Only give your wife a makeover as a birthday present  if you are 100% certain she wants one.

A Leather Travel Bag for Women Who Need a Getaway

Leather Travel Bag for Wife's Birthday Present

Leather Travel Bag for Wife’s Birthday Present

Here’s one of my favorite ideas for a wife’s birthday present: Komal’s Passion Leather 24 Inch Duffel Travel Overnight Weekend Leather Bag is a perfect birthday present idea for a wife who is planning a vacation or weekend getaway in the near future. If you buy her an overnight bag, I suggest you include the silk pajamas or a gift card to a restaurant at her intended destination. Don’t give her an empty travel bag – even if it’s the most gorgeous leather travel bag in the world!

A Getaway

If the idea of a weekend getaway appeals to you, plan a surprise trip for your wife’s birthday. This idea is great for women who love adventure, who don’t mind not being in control of the plans, and who are free to leave home and work for a weekend.

If you want to “top up” this birthday present idea for your wife, read 15 Small Gift Ideas for All Occasions. You’ll find several creative ways to celebrate her birthday with her.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet – a Classy Birthday Present for Women

birthday present ideas for wife

Tennis Bracelet Birthday Present for Wife

The 1.00 Carat Sterling Silver Round White Diamond Ladies Tennis Bracelet is a beautiful variation of the diamond sun pendant – and the jewelry theme for women’s birthday present ideas.

One of the reviews of this tennis bracelet on Amazon says that the diamonds sparkle beautifully, the silver shines nicely, and the clasp has held thus far. He bought this piece of jewelry as a present for his girlfriend’s birthday, and is very pleased with this gift idea. His problem now is what to buy her for Christmas, because her expectations might be too high :-)

The “secret” to coming up with the best birthday present idea for your wife is to think about her personality and lifestyle. Listen to the hints she’s dropping about her birthday. I have a feeling she is dropping birthday hints, and she wants you to succeed in finding the best idea for her birthday present!

Bamboo Throw for the Sofa or Bed

bamboo throw wife birthday present idea

Bamboo Throw for Wife’s Birthday

The final idea for your wife’s birthday present is a Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw Blanket for around the house. It reminds me of the beautiful sheet set we got from my husband’s parents – a fleecy, soft, warm comfortable fleece sheet set that I use every year from November to March. Most women love blankets or throws to cuddle in and most homes never have enough of them.

The best way to come up with ideas for birthday presents for your wife is to ask her friends and family. They probably have a good idea about what to buy your wife for her birthday, and they may even help you find the right present.

If your wife likes to cook, you’ll find good birthday present ideas for your wife in 10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for the Hostess. The suggestions aren’t just for special occasions like Thanksgiving.

I welcome your comments and ideas for birthday presents for wives below…

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